Tips To Surviving As A University Student

Being out of your parent’s watch and control seems like living alone. You will have to think about what to eat, how much to spend and others.

We all know being a student is partially stressful and partially enjoyable. These are the tips to survive as a university student.

1. Learn to save money:

In this aspect, some students don’t know how to save money they receive from their parents for their feeding. They spend it lavishly.

When you save part of the money, you will not experience Sapa at all.

2. Don’t get stressed about friendship:

If you are in a toxic friendship in the university, it is better you quit. Don’t allow any friendship give you unhappiness or headache. If you are stressed every time all in the name of “friendship”, there are higher chances of not looking healthy.

3. Prepare your budget:

When you receive some cash from your parents for your feeding, you have to prepare your budget in other to buy things needed instead of buying irrelevant things.

4. Start a meal plan:

This is a very good idea. You have to plan your meal to avoid you eating anyhow and it saves your foodstuff.

5. Learn some cooking skills:

If you don’t know how to cook, learn it instead of paying those who know how to. This helps save your money and prevents you from buying food which can drain your bank account.

6. When you need help, ask:

This is very important. Instead of you dying in silence, ask those around you for help, you will surely see those that will help you.

7. Start up a business:

Some students call this side hustle. It helps you have some cash to rely on as soon as the ones your parents give you finishes. It also helps you to be independent and it chases Sapa away.

8. Make money with your skill:

If you have any skill, don’t cover it up. Inform your classmates, friends, fellowship mates and so on.

Advertise your skill and make money with it.

With all these or one of these, a student will be able to survive without stress, in no time, the realization will dawn on you that life in University is actually stress-free, except the “book” part. We all know that is not easy, right? Right!