6 Ways Uites Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are special days we celebrate to mark another new year in our life and show gratitude for witnessing another year. Unlike adults who are sometimes saddled with many responsibilities to even think about birthdays, youths are always excited about their birthdays. Every youth looks forward to having a blissful birthday. On your birthday, you will like to ‘shine your teeth’ after receiving wishes from everyone. Birthday makes every youth giddy and super-happy.

Youths at the University of Ibadan also love to have blissful birthdays; at least it is once a year and one must enjoy it.

This article is about how UI students celebrate their birthdays. Read along!


1. Eat out with friends

Uites have this way of supporting one another and making a birthday celebrant feel loved on their day. If you have friends that are the fun or party-type, don’t be surprised when they take you out on your day. Uites are rich too sha. One regular place Uites go to on a special person’s birthday is ‘Ice nd Cream’. As a Uite, you must sabi ‘Ice nd Cream’. Having a whole bowl of strawberry and vanilla ice cream on your birthday is not bad. Most Uites hang out at this place to celebrate one’s birthday or on any regular day.

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Uites also celebrate their birthdays by eating out at canteens in the school like Archives, Boluid and more. If your friends are now rich and they will like to spoil you, they can take you to Foodmataz, Palms mall or even Ventura. Uites love fun and as a Uite, you will enjoy your birthday if you are in the right clique!

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2. Partying till daybreak

Being a student does not restrict Uites from organizing an exciting and blissful birthday party. Don’t conclude that Uites love to only read and come first in competitions, these set of students love fun too! Rich Uites who are financially okay organize birthday parties to celebrate their birthday. Birthday parties like this might have just a few people present (15-20 people) but this does not make it boring or less fun.

As a Uite, if you will like to organize a birthday party, you will be lucky if your birthday is on weekend. If it is not on a weekend, an evening birthday party is not a bad idea. Some Uites party till day-break too. At least if we do TDB for reading, we can also do TDB for partying. UI have rich students who have this money and are willing to spend this money!

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3. Go for a photo-shoot

This is the new trend! Uites love photography. Since Uites love to look good by dressing and using accessories, going for photo shoots is one thing they like to do on their birthdays. This photo-shoot saga has made so many photographers popular on campus. Great student photographers like Darey Visual, AremuOnifoto, and KennyJosh amongst others are always at the beck and call of Uites on their birthdays. Besides taking model shots, these student photographers have helped Uites look so good on their birthdays. At least if one doesn’t have money to organize a birthday party, one has to celebrate the birthday by putting on new nice wear and having your skin tone all glammed up and shiny.

4. Snap pictures in fine places in school

Some Uites do not fancy photo shoots or there might not be enough money to arrange a birthday photo shoot. However, UI is a very fine place. Almost every angle and location in UI is a nice place to stay and have a friend snap your pictures on your birthday. You might think this is a rare way to celebrate a birthday but to Uites, it is not. Uites celebrate their birthdays too by snapping fine pictures in nice places in the school. As a Uite, if you have a friend or two friends to hype you while you snap these pictures, you will appear finer when you snap them. 

5. Attend classes for the day

Don’t be shocked if you have an 8 am – 5 pm lecture on your birthday. UI will not make your birthday a lecture free-day! Some Uites spend their birthdays attending classes every hour. It’s annoying but what can they do? However, the only good thing about this is that you tend to even receive more physical birthday wishes that gladden your heart. If you have up to 4 lectures to 5 on your birthday, do not think of giving yourself a lecture-free day oh. Don’t even try it because if you do, you will be shocked at the end. The lecturers can even give you a quick test on your birthday.

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6. Write exams

 Crazy right? I cannot leave this out because many UI students have spent their birthday writing up to 3 exams a day! Writing an exam on a birthday can be a little frustrating and sad. No matter how happy you try to appear because it’s your day, the exam will still make you anxious. Some Uites spend their day writing exams. Ah! It’s worse when you have up to 3 exams on your birthday! The anxieties won’t even make you think of a birthday party even if you have the money to organize one. One best decision to make is to have gone for a birthday photo shoot before the D-day. If you plan to do a birthday photo shoot or have fun on your birthday which falls on an exam day, you are on your own oh!

These are ways Uites celebrate their birthdays.

UI students are also fond of showering compliments and birthday wishes on anyone who is celebrating his/her birthday. They are wonderful youths who are both intuitive and lovely! A great gbosa for them! If you think I did not add one, you can go ahead and drop your views in the comment section.