Asake Opens Up About His Struggles And Being Underpaid

Ahmed Ololade Asake popularly known as Asake and Mr Money has been making moves in his music career with his unique musical sound. He is a YBNL signee

Olamide has always given us wonderful music stars who blows our mind away every time. Just as Nigerians fell in love with Adedamola Adefolahan, popularly known as Fireboy; Asake has also won the hearts of many Nigerians. 

Asake awed Nigerians with his numerous hit songs some of them are: Omo Ope, Sungba, Palazzo and many more.

He said, “For me, it was merely one different recording, l didn’t understand it was going to be so large, that was as soon as I tasted fame and how it started for me.”.

In his interview with Olamide Famuwagun, the fast-rising Nigerian music star opens up about his music career.

He reminisces his quest and all he went through before he attained success in his music career. Truly, getting to be a celebrity in one’s field is not an easy task. It takes diligence and hard work.

First, he expressed his joy over the success of his first music, ‘Mr Money’ which was a hit in 2019.

He had never expected his collaboration with Magicsticks to pave way for him in the music industry.

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To Asake, being appreciated by his fans make him feel good although he wouldn’t consider himself a rave. The music star revealed to Olumide, the interviewer that music has always been a lifelong dream as it gives him pleasure and satisfaction. 

One would love to know how Asake managed to become a YBNL signee as YBNL is one of the biggest labels in the music industry. Asake appreciated his friend, Yhemolee who carried his song “Omo Ope” to great Badoo.

“He made the song with Olamide happened” Asake said

He also added, “After the video was launched, he(Olamide) requested me to come back again to the house and casually requested “will you like to join the family?” I was blown away with pleasure and took the deal as fast as a result of it obtained right here.”

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In this interview, Asake opened up about his struggles and how his musical career was unstable before he got signed to YBNL records.

He claimed that people who liked his music then never recognized him. He also mentioned to Olumide, about being paid ridiculous portions and never being appreciated by those he worked for.

However, Asake’s life and career took a new turn which gives him pleasure and satisfaction, now.

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Truly, discouragements and depression would always set in when you are less appreciated and Asake also attested to this fact. Before he became a star, he had thought about settling for modelling if his music career does not work out. 

When he was asked about what makes him unique amongst other musicians, Asake explained that his exhaustive work in putting his music out there in the world makes him stand out. He puts his wide range of time into his music to come up with amazing lyrics that would make his followers blissful.

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 He said, “Everyone who has seen me perform is conscious of how I put in all. I studied theatre arts so that you’ll give me the option to consider how I private the stage as soon as I keep the microphone.”

The young music star also revealed that the slightest amount he has ever gotten paid as a musician was N20,000. He never minded the pay as he was so passionate about his career.

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    He concluded the interview by saying, “ I am about the music creation while my record label and team are about the charges.”

It showed that Asake is not just a talented artiste but a diligent man whose passion for music is blazing!

 Do you love Asake, how many of his songs can you sing perfectly? Drop your comments in the section box!  

Source: Punch