October 20, 2020: 4 Reasons Nigerians Would Never Forget This Date 

If you survived 2020 in Nigeria, you have history to tell the next generation. A lot of bitter and heartbreaking events took place in the year, 2020; ranging from the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, which affected the whole of Nigeria and the rest of the world, Asuu lingering Strike, Xenophobia in south Africa that affected Nigerians there, rapes cases and the bitter outcome of the END SARS protest on the 20th of October 2020.

20-10-2020 has become an unforgettable date for Nigeria because it was this date that the harmless planned End Sars protest turned into a semi-blood shed war we never planned for.

These but not limited to, are four reasons Nigerians will never forget 20-10-2020.

1. Our Security Guards Turned into Monsters That Torment Our Living.

The primary factor that triggered the End SARS protest was police brutality. Imagine the security agents meant to be in charge of our protection suddenly turned into a monster we don’t want to see near us at all. 

Extrajudicial killings, unfair treatment, harassment, rape, kidnap, and many more untold illegal acts by an arm of the Nigeria police officers called SARSweres endemic in Nigeria, but the citizens were sick of dying in silence; they stood up to embark on a harmless protest, which is applicable in a Democratic society that Nigeria is.

2. We Were Humiliated For Crying Out (sore soke) Our Pain.

It is undeniable that the EndSARS protest gave a clear image of human rights violations in Nigeria. This is because the country’s citizens all over its 36 states cried out to express their discomfort to the government through peaceful protest, which didn’t contradict the nation’s constitution. 

However, the Peaceful End SARS Protest turned into a bloodshed war. The only response the government could give was humiliation and coercion to stop the youth from protesting without providing any form of acknowledgement to the call of the protest.

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3. Our All-Hearing Father Turned Deaf To Our Outcry.

It was surprising that it was only when the peaceful protest turned semi-war and damaged the country’s image abroad that the government showed its careless concern. 

When the endsars protest started in its mild form, our all-hearing fathers were deaf to hear our outcries, maybe because they felt they had nothing to lose, but when things got worse, they reluctantly listened.

4. We Were Massacred On Our Father’s Peaceful Land. (The Black Tuesday) 

Even if Nigerians get over the ENDSARS protest, can Nigerians forget the bitter death of Victor Sunday Ibanga, Abuta Solomon Jide, Olalekan Abideen Ashafa, Olamilekan Ajasa, Folorunsho Olabisi, and many other harmless protesters who were massacred (all because they want to stop us from protesting against our discomfort) and showed their faithfulness to the nation till their last breath on Tuesday, 20th of October, 2020 at lekki Toll gate in Lagos?  

We can’t also forget our heroes who were protesting at Lekki Toll Gate on that bitter night but survived the massacre, and all they could do was cry, raise the national flag, and couldn’t stop saying the anthem to show their love and faithfulness to their dying father’s land. 

Even if our government can forget this date and have no special regard for it, no Nigerian youth who was the victim of police brutality or witnessed the bitter outcome of the EndSars protest can ever forget.

  Light and love to all heroes that died for the cause of this nation.