#TrybeStreetLife – 7 Years without sex, my boyfriend is the best (Rated 18+)

I have never been a lover of long-distance relationships, in fact, I do condemn people who do long-distance relationships but when it happened to me, I realized that sometimes your emotions can overpower your decision.
I was in 300 Level when I met my boyfriend through Instagram, I posted a picture of myself and this man liked almost all the pictures on my page before he messaged me in my DM.

I couldn’t ignore him because when I checked his page, he was on fire. He is cute and I love handsome guys.
He would talk to me every day, and check up on me. We got to know each other more and we both fell in love.
I was the happiest when he asked me out and I accepted immediately.
We started dating online, something I had never imagined myself doing. The calling, texting, and love were thousands of folds. I couldn’t sleep without him calling me in a day.

My boyfriend was in Bauchi serving while I was in Osun state schooling. We dated for a whole year without seeing each other physically but we did a lot of video calls.
We finally agreed to meet each other physically, so he came to Osun state, he came to my room and I was more than happy that he is exactly how he is online and physically. The feeling never changed on both side even after seeing it.
We ate, went out, laughed, joked, and came back to the room. He sat on my bed when I put my head on his legs, teased me and we kissed. The kiss got intense and we made out but I halted him when he almost touched me down there. I told him to exercise patience, he promised to love me till the end if that was my fear. But that wasn’t it, I had my reason.

He left that day and I thought that would be the end of our relationship, I was even more surprised he sent me love messages and promised to love me more with or without s3x as that wasn’t what defined our relationship. I was relieved.
I finished school and God would have it, I was deployed to Lagos for my service, my boyfriend stayed in Lagos and it became a joy that we would get to see each other often.

I would go to his place often, the love grew bigger and we found a way around our s3x life. Anytime we made out, he would self-pleasure himself to ejaculate. It worked in our relationship for another two years even when I was retained at my workplace after service.

Until he rejected it one night that even if we wouldn’t have s3x, he would want to play his finger on my private part. I was scared, there was a secret about me I didn’t want him to find out.

After so much persuasion and what almost led to an altercation, I had to voice out that I was mutilated in my private part when I was an infant.
I cried because that was my reality and the main reason I left home when I was a teenager and had grown to know about my blemish. He never believed until he confirmed.
I was mutilated at the expense of circumcision. I could see the pity in his eyes. I thought that was the end of the relationship. But after a few minutes, he drew me closer and told me I had so many qualities a man would want in a woman.
I suggested we include a third party in our relationship because he is human and would need real s3x which after persuasion he agreed.
Whenever he craved for s3x, he would have it and we would sometimes talk about them. He always made sure he would never see any girl he had s3x with again.

Sometimes I would cry because it wasn’t easy but due to his openness, I never had a problem.
He fulfilled his promise to love me forever because currently, we are married with two adopted children which no one knew they were adopted
Seven years and still counting without s3x, my boyfriend who is now my husband is the best for loving me unconditionally irrespective of my flaws and blemishes.