Queen Reveals What Ladies Really Do with Their Body Creams

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You have one, I have one, we all have one in our corner. In the daily everyday hustle, our Body Cream never leaves nor forsakes us — in fact, we call it ‘The friend that NEVER leaves’

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For my girls, there are some particular uses of this Holy Grail you know not about — well you do, but you pay no attention to. We are here to shine light on them. It is about time the world knew your secret. The things you do in secret, doors closed and curtains down. The very things that make you a ‘baby girl’. Don’t worry darl, we won’t snitch much *winks* 

1) As Microphone when performing to your 1 billion fans 


Hey Diva, we both know Ciara has nothing on you. Tiwa sef dey learn for your side. We know this. So, the next time you sing along to ‘Stamina’ and ‘Barbie Dreams’, remember, we are watching you. We are noting your every move — the way you gingerly sway those hips and twerk that booty. WE SEE YOU. And don’t you dare hide all that baddie attitude in your

next outing because we know say you bad — no be only your Teddy bear suppose dey see all these things. 

2) How you secretly wake at midnight and apply it on your thighs and palm 

You are addicted. We know. Don’t hide it. Be proud to speak up. After washing up the 15th time, you apply your Body cream the 15th time over your palms. ‘I don’t like my hands being dry’ ‘I have dry skin’ ‘Oh babe, my body itches’. All these stories you tell others don’t fool us. We know that you are a palm-greasing addict. And we understand. We’re not here to judge. Not today anyways. 

3) It is your actual ‘confidence boost’ not your perfume as you like to say. 

You know, I like it when my girls say, ‘Oh! I love my perfume so much. It boosts my confidence’. Especially when they walk into a room, shoulders high and breathtaking, literally. But you know what they don’t tell you, after they smile cheekily to your sweet compliments of their scent, they smile a darker one that only their Guts see. A smile that says ‘I bet you don’t know my secret. Ha Ha Ha’ — in that manner. We know their secret. And we will tell it to you. See ehn, the actual reason they glow and seem fresh is not because they are rich or blessed by the Most High that much. The reason they glow is that, unlike you, they take their time to research and invest in good quality products that work just for their skin type. Yelsss. That’s the way it is. You’re welcome. 

Don’t think this is the end, darling. Do you think we snitched on you?? Check out our next post for ‘the GUYS’ edition. Tit for Tat, baby girl. See you there.