NEVERTHELESS Short Story: Adapted from the Kdrama ‘Nevertheless'”

Eottokae?! (What can I do?)! Everyone tells me ‘T’ is bad news, in fact, I can smell it myself, I do see lucidly that nothing seems to go right with him around but, this is killing me, oh my! Its frustrating cos everything seem to go very bad when I don’t have him close either – his face, oh his killer looks! And his lips, nose, pls! I cannot live without ‘Temide’!

We met as Sunbae and Hoobae (Senior and Junior) last year fall, I was the former while ‘T’ was the latter. It first began as strange and coincidental encounters in unpopular places, then graduated into something kinda like what some may refer to as ‘destiny’…guy, he was so onto me, and what’s not to fall for about him? – A straight, handsome, tall, and eloquent young man. I couldn’t even care if he was younger!

All’s been going smoothly with him until after about 3 months into the relationship, when I found out that I was not the only one ‘Mr. Perfect’ has been onto🥺😧; I had already chosen to ignore countless advise from friends and ‘bad belle’😣 people concerning this guy hoping they were all wrong, one reason was because I thought they didn’t like such a ‘perfect’ man for me so they’d be hating and wanted to dissuade me with their evil intentions, and another reason is because I wasn’t sure I could heed them if what they had warned against proved to be true which have now proven to be with time.

But after all these, I couldn’t leave ‘T’. No! Not after the sincere assurance I felt when he honestly promised to stay with me claiming he has repented and will be devoted to staying committed hereafter. Actually, I cannot live without him 🥺❤️– I do not have enough strength to, and if he hadn’t even repented, I’d still be with him; I have surely seen the red flags, surely I have seen every wrong way I may end up on with him, obviously, I have seen it all, but, I choose to stay with ‘Temide’, nevertheless.

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By: Tabitha Shalom Komolafe