We broke up but I still love him.

The relationship these days is not favoring anybody. It’s like gambling; a game of chance. We have two former lover birds here, discussing how they started, how they ended, lessons learned, and their regrets.  My name is Heritage.

Heritage: Good day! It’s nice having you here. Can you please introduce yourself?

Adewale: my name is Adewale.

Adenike: I am Adenike.

Heritage: Great! How do you guys meet?

Adewale: I met her on Facebook though she was my schoolmate.

Adenike: We met online though we attend the same school.

Heritage: So, how did the relationship start?

Adewale: Well, let me say the relationship started on Facebook then we decided to meet face-to-face and talk much more better.

Adenike: the relationship started online. It grew there. Then, I felt we needed to see.

Heritage: Interesting! Online lovers! So what would you say about the relationship?

Adewale: omo! The relationship was so interesting. I enjoyed it to be honest but at some point, I fucked up by not giving much attention to my partner. It’s because of my work though ( I work in a barbing salon )

Adenike: The relationship was so sweet that people started getting jealous of it. At some point in time, he denied me attention.

Heritage: what can you say about the behavior of your partner?

Adewale: hmm, she was very cool, respectful but she had one character that I do complain of all the time. She does not forgive easily. She finds it so hard to forgive.

Adenike: Adewale is every lady’s dream. He is handsome, cool, and nice.

Heritage: That’s so bad. I pray she changes.

Adewale: I pray so too.

Heritage: Can you share the sweet memories you both had together?

Adewale: smiles… I remember when she sat me down to teach me mathematics. She will give me assignments that I will not do. She will flare up and I love it when she flares.

Adenike: hmmm! All the time we spent together was memorable. Adewale is so sweet.

Heritage: am blushing. You both were indeed love birds. Then why did the relationship end?

Adewale: that’s a tough one. Something happened to me that affected me a lot and I went from bad to worse. I don’t talk to her in days. We all know what a female wants most is attention and I failed her so much in that aspect. What happened to me got worse and I can’t think straight. I was facing some family issues too. To be honest, she was supportive. She kept asking what was wrong but I didn’t open up to her. When the issue settled, I begged her but she put up her character. I begged her for up to a month, but she didn’t oblige. it was not long before she posted her new boyfriend. It pained me that I cried.

Adenike: He closed up on me. For weeks, I was unable to reach him. Whenever I do, he isn’t the Adewale I know. I had to move on to avoid my heart being broken.

Heritage: so sad! What did you miss in the relationship?

Adewale: hmmmm! I miss everything because she’s a complete woman.

Adenike: I miss him so much. everything about him.

Heritage: What have you learned during your time apart?

Adewale:  I learned how to treat my woman well.

Adenike: I am working on my flaws. And that’s what have learned, to forgive.

Heritage: Thanks so much for your time. I appreciate. Have a lovely day ahead.

Adewale: you’re welcome

Adenike: don’t mention

                            THANKS FOR READING!