#TrybeOpinions: Throwback to when 12 Nigerian Youths shared with Us Who They will vote for in the 2023 Presidential Election

The 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election is a pivotal moment for the country as its citizens will determine the direction it will take for the next four years. With the election just a few weeks away, the anticipation and excitement among the Nigerian people are palpable. In light of this crucial event, Trybe City, a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of young Nigerians, conducted a poll among a group of informed and engaged students. The goal of this poll was to gather the perspectives and opinions of the next generation of voters on who they would be supporting in the upcoming election.

The poll results are enlightening, as they offer a glimpse into the political views of the young people who will shape the future of Nigeria.

  1. Victoria`

    “The three candidates don’t seem to worth the position. Right now, I don’t have any choice than to choose Peter Obi. Why?? He is still young for the position unlike the other two that will later be controlled. The other two candidates are two weak for the position. Why should we elect someone that is weak to take over The Giant Of Africa???!! That’s a No Go Area! We need a better Nigeria! It has been happening over the years and we need a change. I am not talking APC “Change”. We need a very good change to restore the very good Educational and Economic Sector. Those two sectors need a very good President for it. Those two are really vital for all citizens of Nigeria. We need this brain and a very good set of people in position for Nigeria to be better. My opinion is to vote for Peter Obi because he is still okay to be a President although I am not interested in him. But there’s nothing I can do since he is already a candidate. Vote for the right person, My People. God Bless

  2. I’m not eligible to vote but I hope Obi wins though they all have their weaknesses but I hope he wins

  3. Peter Obi. Reasons being that of all the candidates, he still has the cleanest record and he is the best options of all of them

  4. Christiana

    I’m voting for Peter Obi cos I feel he’s at least better than the rest of the major candidates

  5. Though not with my PVC I still get temporary but I’ll rather cast my phone for the person God choose, and I know the person that I’ll casted my vote for will eventually be crown as the president of Nigeria for a better nation.

  6. Isaac

    Still undecided as I haven’t collected my PVC yet

  7. Peter Obi, I really don’t trust other candidates

  8.  I don’t trust Igbos , i would rather vote for my fellow yoruba man than vote for an igbo .

  9. Why is no one talking about Sowore, where was peter obi during the end sars protest? I don’t even know how we all decided that peter is better than him

  10. We need a businessman like Atiku ,

    There is need for a candidate who can bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the country’s challenges. That’s why I believe Atiku should win the election.

    Atiku is a seasoned businessman with a proven track record of success in both the private and public sectors. He has the experience and expertise necessary to navigate the complex economic and political landscape of Nigeria and bring about meaningful change. In a country where corruption and mismanagement have plagued the government for decades, Atiku’s background as a successful entrepreneur and former Vice President gives him the credibility and leadership skills needed to tackle these challenges head-on.

    Moreover, Atiku has a clear vision for the future of Nigeria, one that prioritizes the needs of its citizens and puts the country on a path towards sustainable growth and development. He has demonstrated his commitment to these ideals through his work in the private sector, where he has created jobs and driven economic growth, and in his political career, where he has advocated for reforms that will benefit the country as a whole.

    when it comes to choosing the next president of Nigeria, I believe that Atiku is the right candidate for the job. He has the experience, vision, and leadership skills needed to take the country to the next level, and I am confident that he will be a president who truly represents the interests of the people.

  11. Peter obi all the way , he isn’t saint but better than bla blue and the rest

  12. Compare Lagos to Anambra ; Asiwaju all the way.

  13. it’s our right to do … Shun violence and every form of electoral malpractices


    In conclusion, the upcoming 2023 presidential election in Nigeria presents a crucial opportunity for the citizens of the country to make a choice that will decide their future for the next 4 years. Every vote cast carries with it the weight of potential consequences, both positive and negative. That’s why it’s imperative for voters to choose right and make informed decisions based on their values, beliefs, and the future they envision for Nigeria. It’s important to consider not just the short-term effects of a candidate or a political party, but also their long-term vision and track record. By choosing wisely, voters can help ensure that Nigeria moves towards a brighter future, one that prioritizes the well-being of all its citizens and offers opportunities for growth and prosperity.