Throwback: Celebrating 3 Women in Politics Who Have Been Game Changers, Breaking Normality

I heard a lady yesterday say “Politics is a dirty game in fact it’s for men”. Listening to that lady made me realize many of us actually think the same way. I do not disagree with her that politics is dirty game. The main issue here is her subjugated idea.

I do not believe, politics to be for males only. That’s why I am going to show you three females that are doing very well in Politics

1. Kamala Harris:


Kamala has a special place in my heart. She is the ideal example of a female politician. She became the first African-American and Asia American woman to become the vice president. She was brought up by her activist parent to always prioritize and exercise justice. She is a beautiful woman who has not only proven her worth but has also inspired many people.

2. Aishatu Dahiru Binani:

She is one of the most active female politicians in the country. She is the first female to ever be win a gubernatorial election even though it was declared null. She was the senator for Adamawa Central. Although she is a member of the All-Progressive Congress has been affiliated with Peoples Democratic Party and Popular Democratic Movement. Binani is a woman of worth, using her position to create a positive change.

3. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf:

She is the first elected female president in Liberia and Africa. Ellen Johnson is a model to all female politicians in Africa. She is recognized by the United Nation as one of the great women in Politics. Ellen is a Nobel Peace Laureate.

Kamala, Aishatu and Ellen are just one of the female game changers in politics. Of course! It certainly not easy to accomplish all these. However, they overcame their challenges and are still overcoming theirs. To be candid the society is not making it easier for female politicians either. There is a silent prejudice against successful ladies in the society. It is not easy to make it in a “men’s world (Politics)”. To be quite frank, she is not wrong. Politics is actually dominated by men.

There is nothing stopping you from participating in politics. You always clamour for a good change. Why don’t you be a partaker of this change you speak of. You might be the one the world has been waiting for. This is the reason my queens, I want us to be game changers that breaks normality. It is high time we show them females are capable of leading this country.