Tips On How To Cope With School And Heartbreak

Have you recently noticed a friend is often quiet and enjoys listening to sad love songs? According to my observation, these are some of the signs of heartbreak, otherwise known as, “breakfast“. Other times, you could hear her whispering, “how could he do this to me?” or “I thought we had something special” amidst tears in the bathroom. Nevertheless, here are some tips to dealing with schooling and heartbreak:

1) Accept The Situation 

Yesterday, a lecturer taught us about variables, which he explained as any given phenomenon that differs from one hypothetical population to another. He went on to explain types of variables, one of which is the intervening variable (a variable that comes into play where it is not needed), and gave dating in the university as a perfect example. Lecturers and other categories of people preach against dating in school, but who are we kidding? Love happens even when we least expect and unfortunately, it sometimes happens at the most shocking times! Yet, we move! The first step to dealing with heartbreak is accepting the situation, not blaming yourself, calling yourself a fool for loving that person,, or not admitting to the fact that the person really hurt you. 

2) Avoid All Contacts With The Person

It can be hard to avoid seeing your ex-lover, especially if you both belong to the same faculty or department, but the best thing to do is try as much as possible to avoid physical contact with them. Even at that, resist all urges to see their status updates on WhatsApp or stories on Facebook. This is not being cruel; it’s just giving yourself time to heal. If you’re still pretty much involved in your ex-lover’s life as you were when you were dating, it’ll be extremely difficult to move on. In the long run, you’d become a stalker or an obsessive fellow. You don’t want that, do you? 

3) Don’t Let Your Academics Suffer

Regardless of what happens in your emotional life, you should never let it affect your CGPA. Chemistry is totally clueless about how the chemistry between you and your lover died so why should you take it out on the poor course? Instead, you should focus more on studying so you’d have less time to sulk over someone who probably doesn’t care about how you feel. If you’re able to do this, you’re likely to come out in flying colours. If not, you could get queried by your parents because they didn’t send you to the university to nurse a heartbreak. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

4) Remember The Things That Disgust You About That Fellow

Love can make us so blind that we tend to embrace even the flaws of our baes or boos. When there’s nothing left to love, the next thing to focus on is what disgusts you about your ex-lover. Does the guy think he’s so funny when all he ever does is make dry jokes, Come on! Is the girl fond of picking her nose? Ewww! I’m so sure there’s someone out there for you who practices the kind of hygiene level you want. So, my dear, stop stressing yourself over your ex. No matter how beautiful, rich or handsome, nobody is perfect. 

5) Love Yourself

Love yourself! Love yourself!! Love yourself!!! The reason why I’m stressing this point is that it’s so easy for us humans, especially the female species, to hate ourselves after a heartbreak, thinking our body features or lack of funds were the reason. However, the truth is, even if you have the biggest breasts in the world or a mansion in heaven, that still won’t prevent that guy or lady from breaking up with you. So, never let anyone impose self-hatred on you. Regardless of what happens in your relationship, love yourself like no one else. You might want to improve in some ways you’re lacking, but never hate yourself. Always remember that no one was created perfectly. 

6) Break Your Shell

After a heartbreak, it’s common for people to stay indoors for a while and avoid social interaction for a while. Yeah, it’s good to mourn the loss of that amazing relationship you had and feel angry about it. You can choose to cry, make Netflix your best companion,, and choose snacks over food. However, don’t let this go on for too long, even if your heart disagrees with you. Get up, freshen up, and go to the nearest restaurant to treat yourself to a nice meal or go watch a movie with a friend. 

Expression is one of the most effective ways to deal with emotional pain. Even if it’s hard, try talking to people you can trust and those who are more experienced than you in this field so they can help you. A certified counselor is a good example of someone who can help you overcome this terrible ordeal. If you can’t afford one, you can always talk to your school counsellor.