Countries you can visit without visa

[Throwback]: Top 10 Countries You Can Visit Without Visa (2023)

Are you ready to learn the top 10 countries you can visit without a visa? I know you will love to learn that, then stick to this article to the end. 

Travelling the globe is a dream for many but visa requirements have always been a barrier.  However, numerous countries allow you to explore their beauty without the issue of obtaining a visa. 

Whether you’re a tourist, adventurer or simply looking for a way to have a relaxed vacation, these 10 countries offer opportunities to explore different cultures without the need for a visa. 

Top 10 Countries You Can Visit Without Visa 

1. Thailand 


Thailand is a famous tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, rich culture and delicious cuisine. 

Moreover, travellers from different countries including Canada, the United States and the European Union can visit Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa. 

2. Malaysia 


Malaysia is a diverse nation known for its modern cities and lush rainforest allows visa-free travel for many nationalities. 

Visitors can explore Kuala Lumpur’s skyscrapers, Borneo’s wildlife and Penang’s historical charm without a visa for up to 90 days. 

3. Mexico 


Mexico is popular for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes and welcomes travellers from different countries without requiring a visa. 

Moreover, the United States, Canada, and the European Union citizens, among others can explore Mexico for up to 180 days. 

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica


For those who seek adventure and natural beauty, Costa Rica is the best choice. 

Many nationalities can stay in this Central American paradise for close to 90 days without a visa, experiencing its rainforests, stunning coastlines and volcanoes. 

5. South Korea 

South Korea

South Korea is a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. Many travellers can explore its dynamic cities, palaces and vibrant culture for close to 90 days without a visa

6. Indonesia 


Indonesia has stunning beaches and a different culture, it offers visa-free travel for tourists from diverse countries.  Moreover, visitors can enjoy Bali’s beaches and Java’s temples for 30 days. 

7. Peru 


Peru Is a land of ancient wonders from Machu Picchu to the Nazca Lines. Travellers from Canada, the United States, and the European Union can stay in Peru for up to 183 days without a visa. 

8. Ecuador 


Ecuador has different landscapes from the Galapagos Islands to the Andes Mountains, allowing for diverse nationalities to explore its beauty for close to 90 days without a visa

9. Singapore 


Singapore is a modern city-state known for its cleanliness and efficiency. Also, people from the United States, Canada and the European Union can enjoy up to 90 days of visa-free travel in the vibrant destination. 

10. Fiji


Fiji is a tropical paradise in the South Pacific that gives visa-free entry for tourists from diverse countries. Also, you can relax on its pristine beaches and explore its underwater wonders for close to four months without a visa. 


These top 10 countries that offer visa-free travel are just a small selection of the diverse destinations available to tourists. Also, it is important to check the specific requirements for your nationality before travelling, as entry regulations can change.  


By taking advantage of visa-free travel, you can experience the wonders of the world that have less bureaucracy and more exploration. Right now! Pack your bags and get ready to embark on your travel, no visa is required.