Meet Trybe City Team Tiger Ambassadors

  1. Mr Babs

Tijani Ridwan Babatunde also known as Mr Babs is an education student in Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Institute of Education under the mother of all faculty (Faculty of Education) in the institution. He is a low-key online PR, a writer, a recognized journalist in his department where he has been awarded Most Informative of the year in his part twice and Student Journalist of the year for the 2019/2020 academic session. He is a proactive member of his department News Agency known as VOICE OF SOSSANITES NEWS AGENCY (VOS) where he is the Production Manager. He is also the CEO of BABS TV which is not functioning for now but will be back.

Social media handles –
Twitter: Mr_Babs123
Facebook: Tijani Ridwan Babatunde
Instagram: mr_babs2
WhatsApp: +2348127466536

2) Tactics

Olaniyi kehinde, known as Tactics is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Management and Accounting. He’s a Graphics Designer and has quite made his name known in that field in the university. He is also a lover of football and a trumpet, he is well known to be a responsible guy among his peers . Being Graphics guru he has gotten numerous recognition from different states for his Graphics works and still works to earn more, having Design all kind of logo, flyers more than all his 70% works has reached more than different states through his page on Facebook (Tactics Graphics) many in OAU.He is currently in 300level

His social media handles are as follows

Instagram: @Hephkenny
Twitter: @olaniyi kehinde Christopher
Facebook: Heph Kenny
WhatsApp no: 08143342227


Oluwadamilare Victor ODEJIDE, also known as Damzy among his peers is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Material Science Engineering. He’s a Photographer and a Mobile Phone Photographer (Phonographer), Model, Beat Producer, PR and has quite made his name known in that field in the university. He is also a basketball player and a fan of Musical Instruments. Damzy is always surrounded by friends and people who loves to be around him he is well known as a social person among peers and individuals, hardly would Damzy walk across the road on OAU campus that he won’t be known by people( well we can say he’s influential). He is the CEO of Damzy_Pixels📸 and has gotten numerous recognition in the Photography industry and still works to earn more, having gotten engagements with many Clients and fellow photographers in OAU. His Photography ambitions made him well exposed to other creatives under the Photography industry in the school and beyond.

His social media handles are as follows

Instagram: Damzy_Pixels (Photography Account)
dhamhilahray(Personal Account)
Twitter: @OONI OF OAU
Facebook: ODEJIDE Damilare
Snapchat: dhamhilahrayy
LinkedIn: Oluwadamilare ODEJIDE
WhatsApp: +2348086938824

4) Tino

Akinola Faith often called Tino is an undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University in the department of Management And Accounting, he’s from Osun State. He is a consumer care expert with adequate training and have worked with various brands in the Customer Care department. He is a network / affiliate marketing asprirant. He is a website designer, a genuine introvert, skilled gamer and an Otaku. His principle is never to be a stereotype.

Here are his social media handles

Instagram: thecosmic_tino
Facebook: Akinola Valentino Faith
LinkedIn: Akinola Faith Temiloluwa
WhatsApp: +2349030762485


Ebunoluwa Oluremi,is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of Biochemistry.
Her love and passion for food pushed her into becoming a Caterer and a baker with her brand name being REMMHIE’S CONFECTIONERIES. Although her business operates just in Ibadan and Ondo for now,shey has plans on bringing her brand to OAU and it environs very soon.
She is also a model and works to earn quite the recognition.
Being quite the business driven type, Ebunoluwa also sells both male and female fashion items whatsoever from clothes to jewelries to footwears to glasses e.t.c. as her side hustle.

Her social media are as follows:

Instagram: Remmhie’s_co
Facebook: Oluremi Ebunoluwa
Snapchat: Oluremigift
WhatsApp no:08172762839


Muslim Sherifdeen Adewale also known as White Phoenix is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Animal Sciences. He hails from Oyo state. He is an upcoming Animal Scientist and He is the CEO of White Phoenix Agro company which deal in all kind of Agricultural livestock’s and product. He is an introvert and love being alone, His hobbies are watching videos, playing games and watching football. He believes in “Doing your best and leave the rest to God”
NB : He is single and searching🙈

His social handles are :
Facebook : @whitephoenix
Instagram: @ytephoenix
Twitter : @ytephoenix
Whatsapp : +2347083435727

7) Rosemary

My name is Adejuwon Rosemary,an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of linguistics and African languages part 2(better still part 3😂😂😂😂 cuz I’m done with my part 2 exams)
A sound engineer in the making and also interested in modeling in case u need a model,an upcoming activist.
I’m an ambassador of OAU’s no1 media network
In case you are wondering about my marital status, I’m married with two kids🤣🤣🤣🤣
Facebook handle: Honey hive
IG handle:Oyinlade0623
I hope with this few points of mine I’ve been able to convince and not to confuse you that I’m Adejuwon Rosemary

8) Yemisi

With all sense of humility to all and malice to none I would to say who Adeyemi Yemisi Oluwaranti is.
Adeyemi Yemisi Oluwaranti was. born into Adeyemi family two decades ago.she is the second child of four children,she is an ambivert and a kind of social person.Her social handle on Instagram (teehmeeh001) and Facebook (Oro mi Dayo).
She is a student from the sit of critical thinkers,the prestigious department of philosophy, Obafemi Awolowo university.
She is also a fashion designer,who through her fashion sense have put smiles and esteem to the face and heart of her clients.She derive pleasure in sowing, making TikTok video and listening to music.


Olamitide Adekola is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of international relations.She is a writer, fashion designer,SDG’s advocate,child safety Advocate and a serial volunteer. She is also a gutiarist and an addict lover of God. She is currently working with IOI to do better in writing and she is also an ambassador at trybe city.

Her social Media handles are as follows:
Instagram: Olamideadekola_
Facebook: Olamide Adekola
Linked in: Olamide Adekola


Ajayi Taiwo Mercy who is the third born and the only girl in the family of Ajayi, She was born on the 20th August, 2003. A native of Osun,ilesha precisely also she’s an undergraduate from Osun State University from the department of Accounting.
Her hobbies are singing, chatting, listening to music,etc.
Her love for being an ambassadors gives her the passion to be part of Trybe City Media and she loves to give her best In what she does. She loves working together with people who has same goals and motive as her.
She’s also into data subscription business of all network at affordable price, her brand name for her business is ” Mercy speed data delivery”. You can contact her through her phone number or social media handles.
Phone number : +2347041405735
Facebook: Taiwo Mercy
Instagram : Taiwomercy38
Snap chat: Taiwo Mercy 20

11) Debbie

Omotoso Deborah, know as Debbie is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of Building. Loves to care for people’s welfare. Loves to read novels and watch movies. Simple and Gentle!…

Instagram:- @a_de_ju
Twitter:- @D E B O R A H


Olusanya Daniel, known as dbliss is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Arts and social sciences education (ASE). I’m a Web designer and also a blogger. I have a running site and i earn through Google adsense. I create website for upcoming bloggers as well
Also, I’m a football, I support the winning team🤪, I like swimming…I love sport.
Am a profitable cryto trader, I sell memes coins, alt coins and others prospective coins.
I help people on how to easily verify their binance account.
Lastly, am a graphic designer and I also edit documents(pdfs, ppt) also fake cheques, headswaping,image verification etc.

My social media handles are as follows

Instagram: dannybliss
Twitter: dannybbliss
Facebook: Dan bliss
Snapchat: dannygold001


Mbadiwe Ruth known as God’s chosen is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of local government and development studies.She is researcher,an avid reader and a finance enthusiast.She loves meeting like-minded fellows and always ready to learn and that from anyone.She also seek to impact lives where ever she goes as she combines decency,doggedness and dexterity in her daily affair . Her favourite quote is “I don’t believe in impossiblities,anything is possible”.Her social media handle are as follows:

Facebook:Nneka Mbadiwe
Linkeldn:Mbadiwe Ruth


Okon Prince, known as Princiano is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Political Science Education. He is into online marketing and currentlyworking with TrybeCity. He is also a footballer and has quite made his name known in that field in the University. He loves shopping, Swimming, travelling and reading. He really loves shopping because it is important in improving his outfit. Beside that, he loves travelling very much because it is an avenue for meeting new friends around the world. He is a kind of person with big dreams and he loves creativity

His social media handles are as follows

Instagram: official_princiano
Tweeter: Princiano6
Facebook: Princiano Rozay

15 Joshua

My name is Adebayo Joshua Oluwadara and am fair in complexion.

Have worked with Journalist Agency like ICONS, ACJ to develop my writing skills.

I have friends who i always hang out with and I love to share my thoughts with them.

My hobbies include Watching Movies, Writing.


Feranmi Adeosun,known as ferano,some call me Abraham,I’m an undergraduate of Obafemi awolowo university from department of Quantity Surveying. I run an online footwear business,I’m also a brand promoter.i play football and basketball. I’m cool,fun to be with,I make friends easily,my best colour is black and white,I’m a focused and future driven person

My social media handles are as follows

Instagram: adeosunoluwaferanmi
Snapchat: ferano2020
Facebook: Oluwaferanmi Adeosun
Twitter: @ferano5

17) Florence 

I’m olawumi Florence Oluwatoyin, I’m an undergraduate student of obafemi awolowo university ile ife, from the department of agricultural economic
I’m into selling of clothes, shoes, sneakers, wristwatch and perfume in different fragrances both in wholesales and retaile, my brand name is Tidandtems collections
I work with Trybe city oau
My Instagram handle is _floraola
Business account :Tidandtems _collections
Twitter :flourishbabe2

18) Eunice

Olawuyi Eunice, know as Eunique is an undergraduate of OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY from the department of public administration. She hails from oyo state. She is an ambassador at trybecity and Tbakes and events and she looks forward to working with other brands. She also owns a perfume brand “Euniquescents” that provides you with quality and affordable scents. Her social handles are

Facebook: olawuyi Eunice


Eunice Onize David, also known as palolo among her peers is an undergraduate of Obafemi awolowo University from the department of Science and Technology Education. She is the face of inside OAU invocations, and a UIUX designer.
She enjoys going out, meeting new people and engaging in conversations surrounding tech, fashion, beauty, and mental health. She is also a foodie.
Her favourite quote is: “whatever you are, you are for yourself first”.

Her social media include:
Instagram: theizeeffect
Facebook: Eunice David
LinkedIn: Eunice David
Twitter: onize_david
WhatsApp: +2347069432680


Olulana Timileyin, known as Timtara or Timmie is a 300 level student of the department of International Relations, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile_Ife Osun state.

She is a known brand ambassador that has worked with so many brands inaide and outside OAU.
She’s an ardent fashion enthusiast, Multilinguist, loves travelling, books, singing and a lover of great Music.

She loves networking and she posses great skills in Advertising, Email marketing, Social media marketing and paying succinct and careful attention to details.

She’s passionate about helping people.

Hee social media handles:
Instagram: i_am_timtara
Twitter: @Timtara
Facebook: Olulana Oluwatimileyin


Bukola Elizabeth OLUFEMI, also known as Arike among her peers is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Zoology. She’s a fashion designer and a chef to be. Bukola is reserved and only have a very small circle of true friends, although she vibes with peeps, she’s jovial and wears a bright smile, PS: she smiles a lot

Her social media handles are as follows:
Instagram: @olarike02
Twitter: @olufemi_bukola
Facebook: Olufemi Oluwabukola
Snapchat: arikemide20
LinkedIn: Bukola Elizabeth OLUFEMI
WhatsApp: +2347012548613








Akinola Abigael is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo university from the department of English. She loves God and open to new ideas. She loves media and volunteering. She is a bag maker .

Social media handles
Facebook :Abigael Folasade Akinola
Instagram: Abigaelfolasadeakinola
Twitter:Abigael Akinola
LinkedIn:Akinola Abigael.

29) Haqqin

Taiwo Akinola, known as Haqqin is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of Biochemistry and Molecular biology .He loves anime/manhwa (proudly an otaku fan). He is also a lover of good music, all genres of music., he enjoys reading novel and other forms of books.He is into forex trading too. He is a jovial person and post lot of memes which earn him a nickname T-cruise.

His social media handles are as follows

Instagram: sir.muell
Twitter: @sirmuell2
Facebook: Akinola Sirmuel

30) Debbie

Oni-Awe Deborah Taiwo, popularly know as Debbie, is an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of History.
She is a crypto enthusiast and has a strong Business mindset. She is also an Affiliate marketer and a vocalist.
Her love for crypto related platforms and her strong business mindset has launched her into the world of money making opportunities that she ends up sharing the opportunities with other people at large thereby enhancing her abilities as an “Affiliate marketer”.
She is currently training to be a Digital marketer and a Realtor. She is also set to launch her Fashion brand in coming days. Her passion for financial freedom is definitely going to set her on a different level that would probably set the pace for others to follow in years to come.

Her social media handles are:
Instagram; Official_debbietee
Twitter; @itz_debbietee
Snapchat; @itz_debbietee
Facebook; Oni-Awe Deborah


Adeyemi Roberta Oluwaseun is a microbiologist from Obafemi Awolowo university with great interest in industrial microbiology. She is also a network marketer and freelancer majored in website design, affiliate link promotion and social media marketing.
She’s also a hairstylist and sell perfume oil as a side hustle.
Seun loves music, reading inspirational books and spending quality time with friends and alone.

Her social media handles are:
Instagram: Bellamine150
Twitter: @AdeyemiRoberta
Facebook: Seun Adeyemi