Breakfast served, full 3-course meal with a glass of wine to chill with.

On the first day of the second month of 2022 when we thought we were done with chaos in January, UI decided to restrict the airflow of all her undergraduates with the Book of Life, the most anticipated and dreaded book in Unibadan. 

Yesterday, it was LOL (Link Of Life) and now it’s BOL. This morning around 10 o’clock, the once scraped book was brought back to life much more to the dread of some and to the joy of some. Some people are pained while some are seen happily going through other people’s results to see how well they’ve done.

Some people have turned motivational speaker

Some students can’t wrap their heads around the results they’ve seen because they believe it’s wrong while some don’t care because they can’t find any fault with it.  We can all agree that UI no get joy as they decided to begin the love month with community breakfast. 

Several mixed reactions have been seen as while some are crying in the corner of the rooms, some people are busy catching cruise with their results because they believe it will be rectified. The scholars can’t believe in what they are seeing, entrepreneurs are busy posting their business with captions like; “school is not my way, please patronize me”, “patronize me so I can see money to buy handouts this session, so I won’t fail again”.

How did we get here? As as how?

Normally, BOL is always released at night but this time, there was a switch. Nobody was expecting the comeback, so amongst several reactions that UItes have, surprise and shock are the commonn ones.

Your babe fit dey lie give you
E reach everybody

Tsunami hit you? Let us know your first reaction as you read about the release in the comment section.

Co-written with Oluwamuyiwa Eniola Olamide and Omotosho Omotayo Faruk