Here Is Why You Should Stay Away From Agbowo

As a fresher, have you been wondering why you are been told not to stay in Agbowo or just curious about how staylites are scared of that area? Or are you the type that prefers staying off-campus to staying in the school provided accommodation? This is a must-read for you!

UI is better known to be a transparent school where all students are given accommodation on its premises. But no matter what, all students cannot be staying in the school, for one or two reasons. It is the tradition of the school to always provide accommodation for all freshers and some of the staylites. But a lot of times, not all staylites are accommodated in the school. Knowing this, students find alternatives, to secure a close location to the school

You must have been hearing it from staylites. The insecurity in Agbowo, especially what happened in the last session and the one that happened recently led to the loss of properties and sometimes, lives!

Among the areas close to UI are, Barika, Ajibode, Moniya, Orogun, Bodija and Ojo. The closest of them all is Agbowo. Agbowo is a known area in the UI vicinity, it is mostly occupied by University of Ibadan students. It is situated right in front of the prestigious citadel of learning.

Agbowo is right in front of the school, and if you are living in Agbowo, trust me, you don’t need to board a taxi to get to the school, unlike other locations that require you to enter one or two taxies before you get to the school. It is known to be a students area and you will find any Uites that is not staying inside the school there or other locations I have mentioned above.

In the last session (2020/2021), a lot of attack cases were reported, whereby unknown harmed men attack students and go away with their devices, a lot of times, students attacked are injured and sometimes, they are killed! This is disheartening. We lost a 400level student on one of these occasions!

Recently, an attack case was recorded at Agbowo, and this attack triggered the student Union to write an open letter to the Oyo State government. One could tell from the tone of the letter that the students are sick and tired of the constant attack at Agbowo. Devices are always taken away, students are injured, at times killed. Agbowo is not safe! 
The Students Union sent an open letter immediately after the recent attack, the Union led by  Adewole Adeyinka MASCOT(SU President)
See letter below:

A lot of reactions set in due to the tone of the above letter, and the most expected response was also released, the Oyo State government reply, see details below;

According to the PUNCH NEWSPAPER, which was published on the 18th of January 2022

“The union had written to the governor four days ago to draw his attention to the recent spate of robberies and criminalities in off-campus communities largely inhabited by students of the University of Ibadan.
The letter which drew criticism from many, including the Special Assistant to Oyo Governor on Student Affairs, Victor Olojede, threatened protest by the students if the Governor did not take immediate action to address the issues.

Reacting to the letter, Olojede had condemned the “harsh” tone with which the students expressed their grievance tagging it “uncalled for and unjustifiable”.”
However, the Union released a statement via its Twitter page on Monday to apologise for how the Governor was addressed in the previous letter titled “ADDRESS INSECURITY NOW, OUR STUDENTS ARE DYING.” See details below:

Below are the pictures of the SU President, Adewole Adeyinka MASCOT representing the students as regards the security of the University of Ibadan and its environs

The school is set to resume lectures officially on the 31st of January 2022, we all hope Agbowo and its environs is safe for students to stay in since the Oyo State government have promised to act on the request immediately.

Wishing all the students a safe and happy resumption, especially our freshers. Wishing you all a joyous ride throughout your stay on campus.