February 14th was another regular day when regular people did regular things until Mr Valentine got himself killed for promoting love and marriage in secret when it had been outlawed. At least, this is the story that we have been told time without number.
Now, Valentine’s day is a day for lovers and people, in general, to express love to one another. It is celebrated worldwide and is almost as respected as Christmas day. However, people still find it hard to decide what to do with their special someone on that day but that is what we are here to help you with. Here, we will be giving you a breakdown of three things to do to spice up your day with your special someone.

Go for a date:

Cliché? Maybe but never out of fashion. Studies have shown that couples that go on dates communicate better, show greater affection, are more grateful for one another, and want to spend more time with each other. So are you thinking about the cost? Ha-ha! You don’t have to break the bank to go out on a date. You can always use your favourite spot, any regular place, and even your house will do. What to eat? It’s just a date, it doesn’t have to be a food date.

However, you guys can decide to get ice cream or a snack and a drink. It doesn’t need to cut deep into your pocket. So! Maybe you guys aren’t having the best period in your relationship at the moment or the vibe just doesn’t feel like what it used to be. That’s fine. You can take that special someone out on a date on V-Day and spark up that love you guys once shared. It’s not too much to do to save your relationship right? You can do this! Now, unto the next one.

Surprise acts:

Have you watched those movies where the boy puts on some drama, the girl gets frightened, and at the climax of the act, he pops up a big question? Ha-ha! Hollywood might be going overboard with the effects but it’s possible to pull it off as an average person. I am, however, not telling you to ask for his or her hand in marriage. It can be as cheesy as just trying to ask her out on a date. Doesn’t have to be a large-scale act, you can just rope in a few of your friends that’ll be available to help you out into it and pull the most romantic prank Valentine has ever seen. That’s not all there is to surprise acts that you can do during your valentine. You can perform for your partner. Yes! You can. Do you possess a beautiful voice? Sing for your partner. Can you dance? Make them dance with you. Just pull out that not-so-wild-card and use it to make the day memorable and enjoyable for you and your partner.

Buy a sensitive gift:

A gift is almost like the go-to thing that couples share on V-day but not many put much thought into it. It’s almost like they just buy the gifts because that’s what every other person is buying. No emotional touch in the gift. A valentine’s gift should scream love for and attention to the partner’s deepest desires, job or personality. For a partner that’s into music; if the plan was to get a necklace, adding a pendant that screams their type of music will be appreciated more than just giving the necklace without the pendant. I’m not saying the Necklace wouldn’t be appreciated but that little extra consideration will give it a sensitive meaning and he/she might promise to wear it to every occasion where he has to showcase his talent. Trust me, that extra effort is worth it.

I believe this list can make your Valentine more fun than Valentine’s days that you’ve been having but if not and you think there’s still something missing that needs to be added to the list, you can let us know in the comment section.