ARO In University of Ibadan

Aro is like a ritual done in every higher institution by staylites to make fun of freshers or laugh at them so it might be sounding new to freshers. It means bullying if we dig it properly. You all know what bullying is, right?

Freshmen, I will be taking you on a journey on how Aro is done at the University of Ibadan.I can remember in my first year, I experienced this first hand, therefore, I have everything in detail.

Here, Aro is done in an irregular pattern. Since the target of Aro are freshers, staylites have a way of recognising them and there are places where you can experience this mocking of a thing. I might not mention all but you will get to know the rest as you stay on campus.

Aro is done for fun, no hard feelings. Staylites just do it, to catch cruise, you know, just for them to pass that mocking their seniors have done for them. You will do it for the coming set too. Just like I have said, it’s like a tradition.

Famous Places You Can Experience Aro!

It’s a new session, everybody is going from one class to another. Aro is mostly done after classes, different places you can experience Aro are:

1. The famous Tedder Hall

This is a place you can’t avoid passing, you see dem boys hanging upstairs, calling people all sort of names, especially freshers. You will enjoy this if you are there.

2. The Great Halls, Independence and Zik

These halls of residence are known for their loud and mean attitude towards freshers, they make fun of everything. Of course! There are a lot of students in these halls because of their sizes. In these halls, you get to experience Aro of the highest order!

There are also days set aside to celebrate freshers in their different halls of residence. I’m sure you will enjoy every bit of these events. And also don’t let those mocks get to you. Just like I have said, it’s just for fun!

This is the norms of your new environment, get used to it, and I will tell you this, this is one of the prices you pay for being a fresher, you will love it here, it’s just a matter of time.

Aro can only last for the first semester as you would have gotten used to the system after the exams. No staylite will be able to intimidate you with their talks again!

Once again, welcome to the first and best!