Do you remember Visafone and Multilink? Yes? You’re an OG! Unfortunately, those legendary network providers won’t be making it into our list today, and I’m pretty sure you know why. We’ll be ranking our top 4 network providers based on their internet speed. This ranking will be based on the internet speed of the network providers that we all know are still running the game. Let’s goooo!


The fastest network in our today’s ranking is Airtel. Airtel has presently jumped over MTN in the browsing speed ranking, as the formerly slow network is now super-fast. Airtel has an average download speed of 12.48mb/s according to Be that as it may, you may dislike Airtel when your data suddenly gets exhausted as if a phantom person is sharing your data with you. It is almost like we’re sacrificing more data for a faster network speed. It is worth it when you’re only interested in speed and not the cost of data but for the people that just want to be able to manage their 6GB through the whole week, it is discouraging. They have a cheap night plan of 25 nairas for 250MB which is valid from 12 am to 5 am only. The night plan can be accessed by dialling *312#.

2. MTN

Second, in the ranking is MTN. Their network speed has recently gotten slower but with an average download speed of 9.06mb/s, this is just the right spot for them. It gets so bad, you have to turn on airplane mode and turn it off sometimes just to get your internet going. Once your data is less than 250MB, it gets to the extent that you feel like you don’t have any data left. And! MTN can lie! I meannn! Why tell me that I’ve exhausted my data plan when I still have. It’s not fair. However, MTN has one of the best plans considering their speed, especially with the 121 code. MTN also has a 25 naira for 250MB night plan that is valid from 11 pm to 6 pm. The night plan can be gotten by dialling *406#.

3. 9mobile

The third fastest is 9mobile. 9mobile is barely hanging in there at this point but their data life is comparatively longer. Speculators have it that it is a result of their slow speed. They also have relatively good data plans but with an average download rate of 5.99mb/s according to, they should be ranking at the 4th but not today for reasons you will understand soon.

4. GLO

The slowest internet browsing network is Glo. Oh my God, it is not even news anymore. Glo vanishes so often, you would doubt if you even had a SIM in the first place and when their network disappears, it may take the next 30 minutes or more at times before the connection will be reestablished. The two sets of people that will disagree with this are the network loyalists and the people that stay in the 0.00000000001% of places where the network is incredibly fast. In those places, Glo is extremely fast. It’s almost like the network operates on two extremes. They are either extremely slow as can be seen in most areas or extremely fast in a few places. Glo has the cheapest data plans and it is almost suspicious.

Probably one of the reasons why their network is mostly slow but with an average download speed of 7.37mb/s, we can say they owe it to their subscribers that enjoy the extremely fast speed.

So there you have it. The top 4 network providers in Nigeria according to their network speed. We hope it was a fun read!