How To Deal With Stress As A Student

Stress is a word I go through every day as a student. Jogging between classes and extracurricular activities? Yeah, I’ve been there and am still there. Yet, I’m alive and kicking. You too can make it through this hardship if you follow the tips I drop underneath:

Create A Manual Timetable

Most students think it’s old school but mehn, the wonders of creating a manual timetable are magnificent! But if you can’t go through the stress of picking a pen and pepper to jot down your activities for each day, you can always create a schedule on your phone. But writing it in a book or diary creates a different feeling! 

Set Alarms

Trust me, creating a schedule is not enough to take the stress of handling tons of tasks each day. Even after creating a schedule, you can get engrossed in a particular activity that you forget to check on the others. For this reason, it’s best to allocate time for every activity you intend to indulge in every day and set alarms to keep tabs on them. It’s very essential if you’re someone that forgets things easily like me🌚

Follow Your Schedule Thoroughly

It can be tempting to spend more time gisting with your siblings during family time but you must try as much as possible to resist the temptation. Remember if you spend more time than you’re supposed to on a particular activity, it affects others and takes a toll on you later. So, it’s better to stick to the original plan for your peace of mind.

Take Breaks

The importance of taking breaks, even when you’re bombarded with tons of activities cannot be overemphasized. I’ve discovered that even when I force my body to stay awake at some point, I eventually fall asleep. So, it’s best to give your body time to relax when it asks for it. Even if you take a nap for just fifteen to twenty minutes, you’d feel better when you wake up. It helps you work better.

Eat Well

As students, we can be so busy sometimes that we forget to take care of our bellies! That’s a very bad habit! No matter how busy you are, create time to give your belly some nutritious meal! If your body breaks down, you won’t be able to do anything at all so it’s better not to take chances. Food energizes your body to enable you to perform your daily activities better. 

Be Time-Conscious

As mentioned earlier, you have to be strict with a schedule. Don’t waste on anything irrelevant. If you happen to spend a lesser amount of time on an activity instead of what you originally planned, you can move on to another thing. You can also find easier and faster ways to finish activities on your schedule to save time. 

Do Something

Sometimes, you might not be able to finish activities but it’s very essential to do something, no matter how little. For instance, if you planned on reading when you return from classes but got so tired, you should still try to do something. Even if you decide to rest first, it’s fine but ensure you wake in the middle of the night to read a bit. If you keep piling up everything, it becomes extremely difficult to deal with later. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

We’re humans, not machines programmed to perfection. So yeah, not everyone has mastered the art of dealing with stress. It’s not something you can learn in a day so you have to take it easy. Consistency is key. If you’re determined to do it and you keep on trying no matter the challenges that come your way, you’ll get it. If you give up at one trial, stress becomes the lord of you! 

Talk To People

Humans were not created to survive alone. No matter how much we try to do things alone sometimes, we’d still need support from our mates. To deal with stress, you have an important role to play but it’s also important to talk to people, especially those who are more experienced than you. When you do this, you gain more insight and your life becomes easy.

Lastly, seeking medical help is another important way to deal with stress. Stress has different levels. If yours seems unusual and it’s even causing you headache, insomnia or other symptoms, you might need to seek medical help. The best thing to do in this instance is to visit your school clinic.