The Ultimate Guide To Treating Your Man Right

Ladies, we all know you deserve to be treated like the queen that you are, but what about your man? Doesn’t he get to be treated as a king that he is? Doesn’t he deserve the same treatment you get, or even much more?
Here are some tips to treating your man right and making him feel cared for.

1. Support him

This has got to be a universal love language for everyone, much more the male gender. Supporting your man in his business endeavors or whatever project he embarks on always means a lot to every man and makes them feel special. It might not be always be supporting with money (even though it should not always be not supporting with money). Sometimes, it might just be listening to him when he rants about some stuff or being there at an event of function celebrating one of his milestones. In whatever ways you can, ensure you’re showing your man how supportive you are to him.

2. Spend time with him

Even though men are often perceived as macho (and I’m not saying they are not) they are also emotional beings and not averse to basic social and romantic interactions… At least most of them aren’t. Spending quality time with your man talking about everything and nothing is also a way of showing your man that you love him and want to treat him well.

3. Surprise him

You think it’s only your gender who loves waking up to trumpet blasts on their birthdays with boxes of chocolates and the likes? Well, your hubby might not like those exact kind of surprises, but you get the gist. Surprise him! Get him a book he’s been meaning to get. Or a gadget he has had his eyes on for a very long time. Most of men’s possessions are usually quite expensive, so he is going to appreciate the sacrifice and thoughtfulness. So, surprise him and make him feel loved!

4. Speak highly of him

Another way to treat your man right is by speaking highly of him especially around other people or in public places. Don’t be quick to point out his flaws especially in the open. Compliment him and celebrate his wins as well as his strengths.
And when it comes to dealing with members of your family or even friends, do not be quick to relay his faults to them (except in cases that involves him abusing you physically, emotionally or sexually) but rather speak highly of him.

5. Spend your money on him

I had to say ‘spend your money’ because you people ehn! Don’t spend your man’s money on him o. Spend your own hard earned money. Just the way he spends his on you. Take him out, get him stuff. Pamper him the way he pampers you and much more if you can. Anything just to make your man feel loved and treated like the king that he is.

So tell me ladies, have you been treating your men right? In what ways have you been doing that? And if you just repented , in what ways do you think you’ll treat your man right going forward? I want to hear from you!