Ibadan People Are The Weirdest Citizens And I Can Explain

There’s no doubt, Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa. They have the widest range of people just like their land.

Apart from the city being one of the few cities that still tell what olden days looks like. The city has the weirdest citizens. When I say weird! I mean “weird weird”

There’s a way we identify Ibadan city in movies or music videos. You know it right? That old and ageing zinc.

Here, I will be taking you on a ride on how weird they can be. I know them better so I cannot be lying for you na, you sef know.

Ibadan people are…

1. Naturally funny

Ibadan people are the funniest set of people, and the funniest part is that they do it effortlessly.

I was in a cab one day and this driver overtook the other driver carelessly, instead of him to admit his mistake and move on. Baba said “so o po oro’wo mi”(Are you saying you didn’t see my hand before I overtook you).

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2. Life of the party

Invite Ibadan people to your party at your own risk. No dull moment with them around. They like food too especially Amala. They will finish it for you if you are not careful. They will be like “s’amala ‘un ku”(Do you still have Amala).

3. They are naturally intelligent

It is plenty in the head of Ibadan people oo. You can’t even cheat them. They will choke you with smartness and abuse you on top sef.

4. They are bullies

If you think you are a bully, you dey learn oo. If you try nonsense with a typical Ibadan person, wo! You go collect. Ibadan people will bully you using their mouth alone.

That accent go even make am worse. You will cry ehn! Only Ibadan people will want to point out a direction to you, only for you to hear “e si wa se’bi sulu” (Why are you slow?!)

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5. Life of a gathering

It’s always fun when you have Ibadan buddies, you get to experience a comedy show without paying for it. Especially when you guys are hanging out. Omo! You go see Basketmouth on that day!

Oya, sey I lie about them?

But do you know the most beautiful thing about them? They are blunt when they have to. They don’t hide their feelings. If you talk anyhow to them, you go collect.

Have you ever had any experience with Ibadan people/person? Is it good or bad? Let’s hear you in the comments section.