KADUNA is home to some of Nigeria’s major army and security institutions, from the Armed forces command college to Nigeria’s military and even the Air force institute of Technology so it’s surprising that such a state has experienced two consecutive major attacks from bandits in the space of a week. This just makes one wonder if Kaduna is now a defenseless state.Generally speaking Kaduna as a state has experienced several terrorist attacks, most especially from Boko Haram but the recent ones has had Nigerians and the inhabitants of Kaduna peculiarly worried .

The first attack was on the Kaduna international airport. The bandits tried intercepting the airport’s security unsuccessfully then later tried again this time with reinforcements, about 70-80 men on motorcycles to be precise. A security official at the airport got killed and several flights were delayed, thankfully the airport’s security also got backup, including one from the air strike force. They were able to handle the situation, and 12 of the bandits got killed but this didn’t stop them from striking again two days later.

On the 28 of March 2022, a Kaduna bound train from Abuja had it’s trip cut short as a blast destroyed it’s tracks. It hasn’t been confirmed if this was due to a bomb or not but what we can confirm is that the terrorists shot at the train. Seven passengers died while some others were left injured, a certain Dr Chinelo who was on the train made a tweet asking for prayers when she got shot, but she was dismissed as people were asking for evidence and accusing her for chasing clout, Chinelo didn’t survive the gunshot.

Dr Chinelo’s tweet when she got shot
The passengers seats after the attack

The Nigerian railway corporation has suspended services in Kaduna in other to conduct investigations. Reports also have it that the president has ordered a man hunt for the terrorists responsible for these attacks. The governor of Kaduna(Nasir Ahmadu El rufai) has also offered to pay for the medical bills for the injured victims; but all this still isn’t enough for Nigerians as they still have many questions concerning these recent events in Kaduna, like how 70-80 men on motorcycles were able to get past the Kaduna international airport security, and if the people residing in Kaduna or Nigeria as a whole are safe at all, as Nigerians have been relating these recent attacks in Kaduna to other attacks that have been going on in other parts of the country.

Will these questions be answered?, will there be justice for the victims of these attacks? and more importantly when does the president plan on addressing all these tragic events that have been going on in the country?