Easter photo

10 Family Activities To Engage In During Easter

An occasion celebrated and recognized worldwide; that gives out a mini Christmas Vibe, the time to have fun with your loved ones, that day before the warmth of spring. Easter is here!

You might have been wondering how to make your Easter a memorable one with your family. Especially when you don’t want to go through the old less exciting ways to celebrate; going to church in the morning and returning to study some prayers, before feasting. If you have little kids around, those little ones are always active, trust me, you don’t want to bore them!

Focus, I have some fun activities you and your family would want on your list. Let’s dive in!

1. Go to Church

Of all things to remember, how would you forget to go to church! You don’t want to miss out on going to Church on an Easter morning. Grab your best Sunday attire and consumes, and get set for some Church Service.

2. Make special dishes

After all the worship in church, you sure would love to have delicious dishes with your family. If you want to make cooking fun, get almost every ingredient you’d need and make sure you have your kids around to help.

3. Invite friends and neighbors

Before the dish is set, let your friends or neighbor next door know that you want to celebrate with them too. Invite them over and get into the spirit of holy Easter. Plus that would make a full house.

4. Decorate your house

With all the festivities, and visitors trooping in and out you should think of decorating your home to welcome your friends and family to your beautiful abode. Start with putting flowers on those vases elegantly on your tables.

5. Make snacks

It’s snacking time! Since your family from far and near will be celebrating with you, make delightful snacks to entertain them. That will come in handy after a great meal or while they are just trooping in, to welcome them.

6. Go outing

You and your family can choose to go to a special place To go during the day. Like a resort or beach and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a great opportunity for family bonding if you are the type that is always busy with your career or work.

7. Watch movies

Easter is the best occasion to sit down with your family and watch movies. New interesting Easter movies, that create the spirit in your home are a great way to make your Easter a memorable one.

8. Play games

This could also be a great way to celebrate with your family and another opportunity for family bonding. You can play fun games with your families to further lighten up the festivity; scrabble, ludo, or hide and seek. Not childish, just fun!

9. Play music and dance

It’s Easter, what better way to celebrate than to put on some music, dance, and sing along. While you want to retain the Easter spirit, Play sensational music that fits in the Easter celebration. Enjoy your little party!

10. Explore old photos

Your family probably has a photo album, piled up from occasions and festivals or even photos of the arrival of a new member. Gather around and visit the old memories in the photos.

And do make sure you take photos to add to your albums. For an everlasting memory, create a rich Easter album by recording your activities.

Now, gather your family, this Easter must be lit!