There’s hardly anyone who isn’t aware of the fact that the University of Ibadan is the first and best university in Nigeria. Likewise, they also know students of this great institution are called Uites. Listed below are some of the popular traits of these students: 

1. They Are Naturally Proud

Uites are by my ranking the proudest students in the country. When they’re talking with their fellow Uites, they can argue from dawn to dusk. However, when it comes to speaking with students from other institutions, they might not want to give them an audience. Even if they do, they could react in a way that shows their voice doesn’t count. Well, well well, it’s not easy to be a student of the best university in the country, is it? 

2. They Like Books

Even the dullest person in UI likes book, so what are you saying. Uites carry books around like their lives depend on it. If you visit UI during exam period, you’d surprised at the number of books you’d see students carrying round. Whether in the hostel, faculty or walkways, you’ll see them jacking like their lives depend on it. However, the funniest part is that if you ask them later if they’ve read, they’ll tell you no. Well, I guess they never feel they’re ready enough for any exam because UI lecturers are full of surprises. Yet, never trust people that tell you they haven’t read. They’re the type that collect two extra sheets in the exam hall….lol

3. They Are Boring

This is another part where my ranking comes in. According to my ranking, Uites are the most boring students in the country. Even at parties where you except them to loosen up, they’ll be looking at you like you’re alien. As if that’s not enough, they can easily turn party to debate ground. One minute, they’re playing charade and the next, they’re talking about what is the correct answer to the assignment they’re to submit in two weeks times. 

4. They Are Always Doing TDB

If you’re not familiar with TDB and you come to our school, students will make you feel like you’re a failure. Kilode????? Even when school have barely resumed, some people would have finished the whole course material over TDB. I wouldn’t be surprised that some people are still doing TDB in their father’s house as we Some of the popular places for TDB include Kenneth Dike Library, SUB library, lecture theaters, hostel reading rooms and even gardens.

5. They Love Debates

Jaw war 2021

Uites liking debates shouldn’t be a new thing to you since they’re the champion of jaw war. However, what you see on the stage is only a tip of the ice berg. Even in lecture theatres, hostel rooms and walkways, you’ll always see them firing each other over matters that doesn’t concern them. 

With these few traits, you shall know them, they are always the loudest in the room anytime “university conversation” pops up

6. Bragging up and down

They will say “It’s not even easy to be in the first and the best school in Nigeria, do am if e easy”. They will conclude by saying “Not our fault though, the problem be say, we too sabi!”

On a brighter side, Uites are actually very cool, you should have them as friends