10 Things Common To Every UI Girl

The UI community consists of girls who come from different tribes. Yet, despite their differences in race, they have things in common, especially in terms of fashion.

Some of the fashion items common to UI girls include: 

1. Tote bags

Tote bags are very common among ui girls. Whether they are going for lectures/tutorial or their friends’ place, they would always carry a tote bag. Different materials are used to create tote bags, and some girls also customize their names on them. Tote bags go on different types of outfits.

2. Customized Shirts

UI girls are also found wearing customized tee shirts. Most times, these customized tee-shirts were gotten as gifts from their faculties or departments. For years, it’s been a custom for faculties and departments in the University of Ibadan to give customized tee shirts to their students as part of their yearly package for paying dues.

3. Jeans

There’s a higher percentage of UI girls that wear jeans than those who wear skirts. Generally, ladies see jeans as more fashionable than skirts. Most girls have restricted wearing of skirts to church. Then again, it’s preferable to wear jeans to protect the skin against insects. 

4. Crop tops

UI girls are also fond of wearing crop tops. They wear this piece of clothing in jeans and skirts. Different types of materials like Ankara, chiffon, and Ankara can be used to create crop tops.

5. Chains

UI girls wear different types of chains to complement their look. However, the most popular type of chain they wear is the neck chain and hand chain. Leg chains aren’t so popular among the ladies of the University Of Ibadan. 

6. Braids

What makes a UI girl’s dressing complete is the state of their hair. Most UI girls wear braids because they’re easy to maintain and last longer even though they’re costly. The most popular style of braids among UI girls is box braids. They also use different types of colors to make their braids. 

7. Wigs

Apart from making braids, UI girls also wear wigs sometimes to elevate their looks. A wig always comes in handy when a UI girl wishes to take a break after losing her braids or go for the western girl look. The type of wigs used by UI girls depends on their pocket size. 

8. Crocs

Crocs are another common fashion item that UI girls possess. Like tote bags, crocs go on different types of outfits. They’re mostly worn on jeans and tops. Crocs come in different colors and are also created by different brands so their prices differ. 

9. Slippers 

They’re two popular categories of slippers worn by UI girls; fashion and bathroom. They wear fashionable slippers when they’re going to parties, lecture theaters, or recreation spots. On the other hand, they mostly wear bathroom slippers in their hostels. 

10. Sandals

In addition to fashion slippers, UI girls also wear sandals when they’re going for outings. Sandals are more appropriate for official outings especially and they come in different colors. Some UI girls wear sandals they contact cobblers to make, while others wear already made sandals.

If you think there are other essential items that should be on this list, you can mention them in the comment session.