Lifestyle Expectations From College-Based Movies VS Our Realities At FUOYE

Your favorite non-fiction college-based TV show of all time gave you the wrong idea about universities. Was it Sex education? Grown-ish? Elite? Or a Nollywood show? You know what? The answer you give doesn’t matter because as students of FUOYE, the college experiences portrayed in those shows are nothing like what we experience in real life.


Even the structure of the environments in some of those shows are very dreamy for us. The fact that even Nollywood shows got it all wrong is not compensating because they pumped me up to want to go to Uni.

Let’s dive into the 5 things college-based movies led me to believe VS the reality FUOYE opened my eyes to.


College shows told me all I had to do was leave home to have freedom and my parents reinforced that belief but sadly, private universities left the group chat and blocked the admin while FUOYE archived the group chat. At least at FUOYE the students are free to live however they like as long as they abide by mostly natural laws even though there are some very funny rules, especially in regards to how a person chooses to express him/herself through fashion.

It’s a sad reality those movies never warned me about.



THIS!!! I think we should be allowed to sue every cast and crew of every college-based show. Why didn’t they inform us that it is not only parties that will stress us? That academic work will singlehandedly battle and vanquish our will to live. It is not fair that they can get away with that. Nobody warned me about my first month as a fresher. Nobody warned me about exam week.

Nobody warned me about sleeping by 2 am to complete an assignment and waking up by 6 to get ready for a 7:30 am class. Nobody warned me about assignments that never stop coming. Nobody warned me about projects. Hugh! It is well.

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3. Hostels

Hostels in those shows were always so clean and exciting. The little that was shown about the restrooms was almost enough to look forward to. Immortalizing your name by writing it on the toilet’s wall and so on. Must have felt good but FUOYE won’t even give you that chance. Some hostels look like abandoned uncompleted buildings while some are a shadow of what they used to look like in their glory days.

The toilets are nothing to write home about. Students that weren’t raised well and who usually mess up the toilet and leave it unclean are distributed all around campuses. Nowhere is safe as some that can’t bear to use the toilet resolve to do the shot put but God forbid you fall victim to its trajectory.


It seemed that no matter how hard those students in those movies played and partied, they all always managed to pass and the worst would end up an average students. They painted the picture that school work was a piece of cake. LMFAO! Carryover and extra year are having a toast to that mindset.

Do you want to skip class? No problem! Let me just remind you that your lecturers are not your friends in this country. You decide to miss a class because the lecturer hasn’t been coming the whole semester and it is the last week before the exams but that day is the day the lecturer will decide to come and take an attendance worth all of your continuous assessment and to identify the students he’ll allow to write his exams. Results go tell you, Ikole students can relate to a 100.


In movies, anybody can host a party. There will be booze in excess and the party is always lit but in real life? No, not anybody can pull off a party because it is capital intensive. Yes, there might be booze but it will be limited. No, not all parties are lit. There are space-cakes and omi gutter mixtures that you should absolutely stay away from if you love your sanity. In real life, the songs playing at the party don’t care about your mood. You’d have to be God to direct life.

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Sometimes, you get invited to a party by a friend and get abandoned there all by yourself because you don’t know anybody else. One good side to this is probably that the parties don’t get raided by the police like they do in the movies. Everybody has a social life in the movies. Even the nerds have but FUOYE has another story to tell. Too much ‘we are outside-ing’ will lead to sapa and sapa will lead to ‘inside-ing’ and hence, slow death to social life. Let’s imagine we don’t need to spend sef. Assignments nko??? Omo!

I have a feeling you have your own story to tell. It can’t be only me that FUOYE showed expectations vs reality. Let us know in the comment section.