7 Types Of Students At UI

Humans are unique in their way. This makes us to see different kind of behavior from people around the world. This boils down to the fact that human traits differ from each other. We have decided to take it upon ourselves and explore the Premier University on your behalf. In this article, we bring to you different types of students you might stumble upon in the university.

1) Jackophytas

They are the bookworms. They are sometimes called KDL major, Reading room major or Library major. This is so due to the fact that they are always seen frequenting the library or the reading room. Their book is their number priority.

2) Jesus babies

You may not easily identify them if you don’t move close to them. Not all Jesus babies are dressed in religion way but they are always decently dressed. They show the gospel by their actions and not their words alone. Whatever they do, they do it to the glory of God. Jesus is the center of their world.

3) The Alhajas/ Alhajis

They are the muslim counterpart of Jesus babies. They unapologetically show off their God. They don’t take just bear their muslims name but they carry their religion for head.

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4) The Party goers

We party till the sun goes down

Any party you have, all you have to do is send them an invite. They would definitely be there. Some times you don’t even need an invite, they can crash your party. From clubbing on Fridays to Partying till Sundays, they are always present. Once they can’t be found in the school, you know where to find them.

5) The I don’t care

Let efiribodi hear me, I don’t really care the sh*t

These ones ehn, my respect for them is on high level. They don’t take bullshit from anyone, they do what they want, whenever and wherever. They don’t even mind the outcomes of their actions. From skipping classes to coming late to classes to all other nonchalant behavior, they will always be there causing unnecessary issues.

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6) The Entrepreneurs

Hustling day and night

These students came to school not only to learn but to make money. They are the suppliers of goods and services. They don’t wait on mum and dad to supply their needs but they do so. Side hustle is their watchword

7) The Fashion Labis

These students regardless of their gender, male or female, will serve you fresh and dope looks back to back. They dress to live.

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These are not all types of students we have but i don’t want to bore you with too many details. Did you find your category? If yes, tell us in the comments section. If no, tell us your category, let’s spice things up.