Departments In Unilorin That Require More Than 1.5 CGPA To Cross

The University of Ilorin has a crossing requirement for all courses, the usual is a minimum of 1.5 CGPA at the end of an academic session. 

But not all courses follow the usual CGPA, some course requirements demand more.

If you are in your freshman year, you should know this

  • You can go home after the first year if you do not meet up to the required 1.5 GP #Face tanke
  • Not all course in unilorin has the same requirement of crossing CGPA
  • If you don’t meet up to your course GP requirement, it is likely for you to be in another program much lesser than the former.

Here are those very few but mostly prominent and highly professional courses in unilorin with these conditions.

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1. Medicine and Surgery ( MB;BS) 

Doctors in the making, your course is one of most competitive course to get in unilorin.

The department has in its requirements for their students to make a minimum of 3.0 CGPA at the end of their first year to be officially welcome into the department of medicine and surgery. 

They are also to work against having grades of D and below in any of their courses. Have more than Two Ds or Es and you’re out! 

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2. Engineering

This course is also very competitive, and their requirements might ring in your head for a while as a reminder while getting introduced to the course. All students in the departments of engineering are to make sure they get a minimum of 2.0 CGPA at the end of their first year and must make a 9-9-6 credit unit in the overall credit unit in each course of maths, physics and chemistry respectively.

It might be easier to get a 2.0 GP but watch out for those three course.

3. Nursing

The department that offer less space for admission and still look for requirement to weed some students after their first year. It’s not a small course, jacking everyday might be in the diary of these students here. 

This course places a crossing requirement of a minimum 2.5 CGPA and nothing less. Make it your aim to reach the grade point. 

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4. Veterinary medicine

Who could have thought veterinaria course could have a crossing requirement, it’s still the medicine field! For animals. 

The students studying this course must ensure to make a CGPA of 2.5 to study the same course next session. Otherwise…

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5. Anatomy and Physiology

I always find this department course to go along with each other, and thought them to be in a proper partnership with medicine and surgery. Both course are different and less similar, though. 

And the crossing requirement is just 2.0 but if you make more than that, maybe up to 4.0 and above you stand the chance to be among the lucky ones to cross to medicine! 

6. Pharmacy

The department of pharmaceutical still in the field of health science, has a minimum requirement of 2.4 CGPA as their crossing GP. 

It might be difficult to get in, but once you’re in, stay inside!

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7. Law

Outside the science field, the faculty and departments of law has their own must meet up requirement. 

The crossing GP is 2.0, no other requirements included. But you might have to do more than just wearing the black and white uniform. 

Other departments will follow the usual 1.5 CGPA in every academic session, this write up will only open your mind to possibilities that you can work to achieve if you luckily don’t yourself in any of these departments.

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You will do some irrelevant course along the line of pursuing the greatest GP of the session, but it only gets better when you scale through and so you can focus on the real deal.