How A Typical FUOYE Departmental Dinner Goes

There are dinner and award shows that students are always looking forward to attending at the end of the session and while there are party freaks that don’t care about the procession and go just for fun, there are green horns that have close to no idea about how this events go.

FUOYE departmental events have grown over the recent years to have their own typical feel and vibe such that when you hear a recount, you can almost tell immediately that this was an event in FUOYE.


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1. Start late:

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Is it a FUOYE event without them starting 1-3 hours after the stipulated time? I don’t think so. Whether on purpose or because an unforeseen circumstance came up, FUOYE events just never start on time but big ups to the DJs for always turning up early to keep the mood a little enjoyable.

2. Opening prayer and anthems:

Quite frankly, this is where the fun starts. All of a sudden, we are all supposed to know the wordings to the anthem of the school where we don’t have assemblies. Some of us only got to find out that the school had an anthem in an event. People that stopped getting to school early enough to meet assemblies in JS3 are also expected to recite the national anthem and pledges without miss. Lmao. You can imagine the mess; lip syncing and utter noise making that is involved. Then the event is handed over to God through prayers. It is usually a, “Plus Jesus, minus Satan” then “Amen” before they continue with the program of the event.

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3. Dorime:

Immediately the final “amen” is said, lights go off and you know what time it is! One baller will decide to butt into the program to show off the millions he can spend on drinks he won’t drink without regret. Bottle water of 100 naira will go for 10,000 and bro will call in 2 each for the people sitting with him on the table for 6. Alcohol bought for 5-10 times its original price will come and be used to wash their hands. The party is just getting started and the organizer cant complain cause he’s getting a share of that excess on top of the money used to purchase.

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4. Competition:

When baba C.Ronaldo is done balling, MC will call on dancers and rappers to come battle each other for a prize. Lowkey Nigerian idol. You’ll see people that overate their own talent and have had nobody force them to work on their craft come out to disgrace…sorry, display their talents. No shortage of a little comedic relief ear and dear. Of course, there are people with killer talents and execution that battle it to the finals. The voting for the final winner is sometimes left in the hands of the audience who usually vote out of sentiment and not based on what they have witnessed themselves.

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5. More dorime:

Then we enter the playoffs of the oppression game. It’s like they want to do their own competition because this time around, the ballers are trying to outspend each other. “he did 100k on 2 drinks? Hey! Bring me 3 of that but I’m going to pay 500k” then another baller with fresher boots will get into the court to ball different. At this point people are looking out to boo the person that’ll spend less than what the last person spent.


6. Award:

After the ballers have balled out for the second round, Lakers people will call timeout to let the Organizers get into the main event. It is usually a dinner and award show so they dive into sharing the award. From normal awards to their variants all in the name of lagbaja must get one. Award for the richest usually comes with variants like most wealthy boy, money bag of the year, biggest spender and so on. You can imagine why.


7. Performances:

The time we’ve all been waiting for has come because it usually comes with item 7. Musical performers and dancers will now be called upon and whilst they give their best into their performances, Ushers will go around sharing food and refreshment. Entertainer and audience enjoying themselves. Looks like a win-win situation but the entertainers almost always have a different story to tell but those are stories for another day.

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8. Hype moment:

FUOYE people get money and no be by mouth. Professional hypemen are specially hired for this part of the event. Their work is to hype the spenders that have been balling to play in the finals. The championship is at stake so they bring everything on the table. Moments when the spenders are not spending, the hypemen just continue muttering words to the beat played by the DJ for hype.

9. Closing speech:

At this point, it is way past the time to close so the organizers first of all apologize before wrapping up the event. A closing prayer is said. The hall is usually already half empty at this point as it is usually just the organizers and some diehard party goers that remain. A sprinkle of performers that haven’t gotten their chance to perform yet too are never left out.

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10. After party:

The party begins after the party and this one is for the die hard party goers. It is time to dance and vibe till everybody is too tired to do anything. Time to link up and shoot shots. A few misses and turnovers but anybody with the right game usually leaves with a win if you know what I mean.


What is that one thing you think I omitted? Let me know in the comment section. Peace!