Top 7 Toughest Departments At UI 

It’s no news that the University of Ibadan is one of the most challenging universities to gain admission into in Nigeria. Even if you have high score in JAMB, you could get a low score in the school’s POST UTME and become separated from the course of your dreams.

Note: The cutoff is usually determined by the rate at which students pass the POST UTME in each year. The cutoff used in this content was that of the last admission year. There is no constant cut off in all departments!

Listed below are some of the toughest departments to gain admission into at UI:

1. Medicine & Surgery

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Right from time, this department has always been a tough one. It’s the dream of every parent that one of their children major in Medicine & Surgery.

The cut-off mark for the department is 76.25. It’s not for the faint-hearted! 

2. Dentistry

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Dentistry is another tough department at the University of Ibadan. To be admitted into the department, you need to have 71 as your post-utme score. E choke abi? Don’t worry, you can attain it if you put in a lot of effort.

3. Nursing Science

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It always feels like being in their shoes when you see UI nursing students in their brilliant overall.

Did you know it took them 68 POST UTME scores to get them into the department? If you don’t know, now you do so start putting some respect in their name.

4. Biochemistry

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Biochemistry, popularly known as Biochem is also a tough department at the University of Ibadan. Anyone that wishes to be a student of the department must score 60 in their POST UTME and must be ready to put in hours into reading and practicals.

5. Law

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Law is another course popular on the lips of Nigerian parents. It’s either they want you to be a lawyer or a

It’s also a tough department to enter at the University of Ibadan. The POST UTME cut-off mark is 65.

6. Communication & Language Arts

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The department of Communication & Language Arts, popularly known as CLA also forms part of the toughest departments in UI. Its POST UTME cut-off mark is 60.

Anyone that wants to remain in the department till they graduate must be ready to study well enough.

7. Linguistics 

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When I heard Linguistics, I thought the department would be lenient but it’s also one of the toughest in

Well, I took one of their courses last session and saw hell. The cut-off mark for the department is 59.

Still, it’s enough to meet the POST UTME cut-off mark for these departments. You have to work twice as much when you’ve been admitted so you’re not tsunamized or eroded.

To all prospective students, wishing you all the best!