7 Activities To Try With Your School Friends Without Breaking The Bank

It’s always fun to hang out with friends, especially if you are blessed with interesting friends. One of the best things about having friends is that you have people to share lovely memories and fun-filled moments with.

Yet, one of the major things that keep hindering the get-togethers you have been planning with your amazing friends is the consideration of expenses. Don’t feel bad about that, students tend to seek the most economical and less expensive ways out of situations.

Do you keep thinking about how you can all have fun as friends without having to spend too much or spend out of your comfort zone?

Worry no more, because this article entails a list of some affordable fun activities you should engage in with your loving friends.

1. Go On A Picnic

Yes! A picnic!

You’re probably thinking about how you could go on a picnic with a limited budget, but what you need to know is that a picnic doesn’t have to be extravagant.

To reduce transportation costs, a lush garden with a serene environment in your university, or even a public garden close to your location would do just fine. Most major cities are home to botanical gardens where you can find a plethora of beautiful trees.

You could use the “division of labour” method. One person would be responsible for the transportation, another person would sort out the drinks, the third person could bring the delicious homemade meals along, and so on.

Remember, the most important things should be the presence of love, good food, drinks and great memories.

2. Have A Minor Indoor Party

The next on the list…

Having a minor and intimate indoor party is another affordable activity you should try out with your friends.

Staying together indoors would give you guys the avenue to bond even better, share more about yourselves, hold interesting discussions, watch movies, play fun games and enjoy refreshments.

A simple but great way to make amazing memories!

3. Go Watch A Movie

Share lovely moments at the cinema!

Watching movies together at the cinema is a fully immersive experience. There is a long list of interesting movies that are engaging to watch at the cinema.

All you need to do is to decide on a movie to choose, get the affordable tickets, get snacks, enjoy the movie you’ve chosen to watch and hold discussions about the movie afterwards.

4. Take A Refreshing Walk In The Park

Get out into the fresh air and have amazing fun!

Shall we begin with a mind-blowing fun fact?

Do you know “Take a Walk in the Park Day” is celebrated annually on March 30?

Asides from being a very affordable way to spend time together with your friends, taking a walk in the park also has positive effects on your health!

So, what are you waiting for? Take that refreshing walk and discuss with one another as you go.

5. Explore Your City Together

There are places close to your residence that you would wish to know about and explore.

You and your friends could go on a city trip, go on a free walking tour, explore the markets and do all sorts of fun stuff while on your affordable adventure.

A guaranteed day of fun and adventure!

6. Get Your Friends Together To Play Some Sport

You know what? You don’t necessarily have to be great at sports or be sports enthusiasts before you enjoy moments like this together.

All you have to do is to plan the particular sport/game you intend to play, gather a group of friends, find an available field and play on it!

7. Visit The Zoo

And the last but not least… Visit the zoo with your friends.

Go sightseeing and have fun. It is pretty much affordable. You just need to pay the gate fee, explore the environment, enjoy an amazing time with your friends, and of course, the animals.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be extravagant to have fun with your friends! Entertaining yourself and your loved ones do not necessarily have to burden your account or tear your pockets. There are activities to suit every budget and occasion if you know where to look.