10 Places To Meet Your Soulmate At UI

Have you been seeing students doing lovey-dovey and you’ll be like “God when”? If you’re interested in meeting your soulmate at the prestigious University of Ibadan, here are some places to look out for: 

1. UI Gate

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The most interesting thing about meeting in UI gate is that you don’t even have to go too far. While approaching the entrance to the school, you can bump into a guy or girl who will steal your breath. 

2. Parks

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Whether it’s a botanical garden, a love garden, or a heritage park, there’s a high possibility of meeting your soul mate in any park within UI. However, the most popular place to meet your soulmate is the love garden. It is called love garden for a reason.

3. Woods Or Walkways

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Love, at first sight, doesn’t just happen in movies! As you’re walking through a walkway, you could fall in love with a girl giggling as she strolls within a ui walkway. Don’t be shy to approach her. She could have noticed you too even if she pretends not to.

4. Faculties

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Faculty love is the main thing in UI. If you haven’t noticed that a guy constantly watches your every move, it’s time to shine your eyes. Funnily enough, it could even be someone close to you; maybe they’re just shy to tell you how they feel.

5. Chapel

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Generally, people term chapel as the house of prayer. Yes, it is but you can also find your soulmate at the chapel. Looking for a God-fearing man to take home to mama? The chapel is the place to be.

6. Mosque

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A mosque is also a great place you can meet your soulmate, especially during the jumat service. You can be lucky enough to sight her after jumat service and if you push hard, you can get her contact.

7. Student Union Building(SUB)

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There are offices, relaxation centres, and shops within and outside the student union building yet you can meet your soulmate at any of these spots. It could be when you’re trying to get a printout or you want to make a complaint at the pro’s office.

8. Fields Or Stadiums

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9. Halls Of Residence

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After moving into my hall this year, I was amazed by the number of guys and girls I see outside Awo every night..lol. If you also want to find your soul mate, stop spending the evening time watching heartbreak movies and go out for some fresh air. Who knows, a guy who accompanied his friend to come to see a girl could take interest in your radiating beauty!

10. Restaurants

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It’s no longer news that people meet their soul mates in restaurants. I guess that’s because students, especially girls are fond of eating “tushly” in restaurants…lol. A major sign you shouldn’t ignore is if the guy pays for your food or keeps chatting with you even after he finishes his food.

If you have other suggestions for the single and searching folks out there, you can share them in the comment session. You can also share your experience about the place you met your current lover or previous ones.