Top 10 Places Students Make Out At UNILAG

As a student of the University of Lagos, how much do you think you have explored the university to know the extracurricular activities that take place within the school? How adventurous are your night escapes?

Well, if you still haven’t figured out what I’m talking about get ready to “learn”, on the other hand, if you do, get ready to up your game with this info.

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1. Lagoon Front

The lagoon front is quite popular among past, present and even future Akokites because of the view, of the lagoon, its Serenity and the whole hype about it. It is seen as the Number one tourist attraction in Unilag, it is our pride. 

Amidst all these, the Lagoon front is also known to be one of the favourite spots for some sons and daughters of Eve who wish to explore some intimacy and oppress their fellow humans with affectionate gestures. 

You can dress up and go there any time of the day and assure you, you will see enough to feed your eyes. I remember the story of a guy who allegedly tipped one of the security guys to allow this couple that was making out to continue their adventure past closing time. Only for him to later find out that it was his babe that was getting smooched by an unknown son of Adam.

As far as “sina” is concerned, you can count on the Lagoon front to never let you down.

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2. Julius Berger Hall.

I’m very sure Julius Berger had the academic interest of Unilag students in mind when he donated the hall to Unilag. Well, my fellow Akokites have found a way to make the hall a multi-purpose location. One shocking thing is that I still see people going there to pray.

The hall is located at the faculty of Engineering, via Oduduwa Drive which also leads to the lagoon front. It is a popular Spot for Akokites to make whether during the day or at night.

I recall my friend getting caught by Alpha Base at night with his babe kissing passionately. He had to bribe his way to freedom on the spot. Nevertheless, the structure of the Julius Berger hall gives it some blind spots that can serve as a nice location for making out. 

3. The Sport Center

One very interesting thing about this location is that it has different spots inside it. From the indoor sports area to the Tennis Pavilion, Volleyball court area and even the indoor pavilion. Literary every dark spot there is quite useful. I remember when a set of freshers who spent most of their early days hanging out there casted themselves with Anonymous on their class group chat months later.

The comments were epic, from truth or dare to blow jobs, hand jobs and so on. The next time you go to the sports centre for sports activities, please try to keep your mind open and try not to disturb love birds having their nice time in their temporary nest. 

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4. Architecture building/Faculty of Engineering


The Department of Architecture which belongs to the faculty of Environmental Science is situated right beside the faculty of Education right behind the Main Auditorium.

Generally, that area has a lot of blind spots because of poor lighting, which makes it a hot zone for love birds to hang out and for anyone who has bad intentions to come enjoy themselves. Although it comes with a risk. Sometimes all the spots may be occupied so you’ll have to wait until it is vacant.

The faculty of Engineering for instance usually have little or no lights around their stairs and walkway, so one can easily look for a quiet place and camp there. I recall an experience of one of my guys, he took a girl there for some pleasure, but to his shock, she didn’t give him enough, so he summoned another to meet him there. While he was with Lady 2, the first one came back and caught him foul playing. As an experienced player, he handled the situation with maturity without hurting anyone’s feelings.

5. Library Basement

The library basement is another one of Akokite’s favourite make-out spots, occasionally when I go there at night to withdraw, I spot at least 2 people I know making out. The library basement as a make-out location stretches from the main auditorium towards the MTN library towards the lagoon front, then towards UBA Bank/GST office to the faculty of law car park. These places are usually dark and deserted from 7:30 pm till mama calls. The next time you go there please mind your business and don’t look too much or try to identify anyone; it is wrong, mind your business, withdraw your money and go. 

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6. DLI

I can’t imagine finishing this article without mentioning one of our favourites: DLI. The Distance Learning Institute of The University of Lagos is one unique location where a lot of “sina” takes place both during class and after classes when the place is deserted.

I recount when a lecturer alleged that she caught two students practically touching each other during one of the usual large DLI classes. According to her, the students were so engrossed they didn’t know when she spotted them and was calling them. DLI will never disappoint you in this aspect. If you visit any of the classes during the day, from 5-7 pm, you’re very likely to see students making out or even doing worse without fear of being caught.

During the night, the classes are locked but its environs from ISL fence through Iya Moria to Honours/Women Society Halls, you’re going to see love birds hanging around in twos doing quickies and the likes.

 7. Faculty of Education Love Garden/Diploma Building

The Faculty of Education AKA Mother of faculties is the most populated in Unilag with over 6,000 students. During the day, the Education love garden is crowded with students waiting to attend their classes or just simply using the WiFi while charging in the NUESA park. At night, the garden is dark and quiet. Lecturers often refer to the way they spot students sitting and standing in two carrying out lovey-dovey activities in the guise of the darkness and quietness. Sometimes they’re interrupted by security torches by 7 pm while on some occasions they get to enjoy themselves till around 9/10 pm

The PGDE building popularly known as diploma building is also within the Faculty of education and is quite active at night with couples making out and chilling till late at night.


8. Faculty of Science Lecture theatre 

As ridiculous as this may sound, the lecture theatres in the faculty of science have other uses other than lectures, it is usually empty or scanty after lecture hours, this is the time when couples come around to start their classes till the doors are locked by faculty porters.

9. Senate Love Garden and Shofoluwe park

The love Garden is also a good make-out zone for love birds in Unilag. It is one of the hot WiFi zones that Unilag has and also one of the most famous hang-out spots because of the shelter and concrete seats. At night, taking a walk from Mariere hall towards the Shofoluwe park, you can easily spot lovers seating in twos holding hands, having seemingly deep conversations or having a light make-out. After you exit the park, you’d be facing the Senate Love Garden. There you will always find Mariere, Jaja and Moremi or faculty of Art and Law boys and girls discussing their day or simply kissing it out. I must say it is usually a very romantic sight for me especially when there is a guitarist around.

10. Guest House

The Unilag Guest house which happens to be a multi-purpose location for churches, visitors, campus fellowships and the likes is also a favourite for Akokites. From the Zenith bank drive to the faculty of art parking lot, down towards Otunba Panye by Faculty of Law and Management Science till you reach the guest house parking lot. Through that area, you will find cars parked and students lurking in the dark making out and having fun.

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On a final note, there are several other locations that I am yet to discover because as the university of first choice, Akokites are very resourceful and innovative folks, we can make a way where there is no way, and find pleasures in the most unlikely locations.