7 Must Have Outfits In Every Female Student’s Wardrobe

Are you a female student looking to up your fashion game? Are you looking to dress more stylishly and exude the right amount of confidence that attracts the right people you need?

Then continue ready to find out 7 must-have fashion items you need in your wardrobe!

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1. A black dress

I think it is fashion 101 to know that every lady needs a black dress in their wardrobe. It is a multipurpose outfit and can be styled in different ways to achieve different looks. You can wear a blazer on it and high-heeled shoes for a corporate look, or you can do without the blazer, throw on a statement neckpiece, dressy sandals and a clutch purse for a night out with your girls. Or your man. Or just alone too!

2. A high waist pencil skirt

If you’ve got a narrow waist, you might as well flaunt it by wearing a high waist pencil skirt. With a chiffon blouse, the look achieved is usually quite astounding and it is an absolute must have for you.

3. A white shirt or white t shirt

Many people are starting to realize the place of white shirts or t shirts in today’s fashion. Whether you style it with a pencil skirt of a pair of dark jeans it still leaves you with a stunning look. The brightness of the white lets your other garments stand out better. And so they can be paired with statement pieces such as floral shorts, leather pants or coloured denim that will make bolder statements.

4. A pair of jeans

Much like rice, jeans are an everyday staple. Period! And as opposed to popular opinion, they can be worn almost anywhere to create almost any look you want. Your jeans can be slim fit/straight leg, skinny, or crazy jeans depending on your preference. And their hues can be darker than others. It is always advisable to invest in quality jeans that will last you in the long run.

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5. A black blazer

A black blazer is another essential item for every lady’s wardrobe. Either your throw it on a shirt and pencil skirt or pant trousers for a corporate look, or you style it with a pair of jeans for something more casual, you’re still going to come out with a look that cannot be ignored!

6. A pair of pant trousers

Some women aren’t quite attuned to dressing corporately so having even one pair of pant trousers in their wardrobe is just absurd to them. But if you’re one of those ladies who would not be caught looking like an ‘office lady’ all dressed in shirts and pants trousers, you can tone your look down with a t shirt on your pant trousers. It helps to make your look more casual and you can finish it off with a pair of sandals too.

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7. Ankara tops and gowns

For the culture, right? Right!

You want to make sure you have at least just a dozen Ankara outfits in your wardrobe. From tops to gowns, you can have them in whatever style and shape you chose and that is an advantage as it helps you find your unique style in your outfits. So jump on it!

You have it there! With all these fashion items, you are good to go!

Which one do you think we missed? Let’s have them in the comments section