JAMBITE SERIES: How To Increase Your Chances of Gaining Admission Into UI

As a Jambite who just finished Jamb UTME and a UI Aspirant at the same time, there is a level of anxiety you would feel. Have you seen your jamb score and are you curious about what it takes to be a Uite?

Do you wonder if your jamb score will qualify you to be a Uite and are you worried that you might not be doing what you ought to do? Calm down. This article will reveal to you, all that you need to know about UI admission and the steps to take after your Jamb UTME.

Being a UI aspirant requires strong determination and knowing the right steps to take. 

So, let’s get started.

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After UTME, what is next as a UI aspirant?

1. Get some necessary documents ready.

The first step is getting all the required documents ready. If you are yet to print out your SSCE result, you are expected to do it and have the original document and duplicates with you. Endeavour to get other required documents ready also. Other documents you are to have are Jamb result in coloured form(not the UTME notification slip), Jamb 001, and Jamb 003 form. You will have other documents later when you sit for post UTME and get admitted. However, you should work on getting the aforementioned documents early.

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2. Start preparation for POST-UTME

UI POST-UTME no be beans oh. You have to be strong and up to the task. After your UTME, don’t rest and take naps. It is time to be more serious and determined. Don’t be too confident that your UTME score can save you. Most Uites have had to sit for the POST-UTME several times despite having had high UTME scores. Some UI aspirants lose the zeal to read after seeing their UTME score because they are too confident. Don’t be like these.

Get prepared and continue to brainstorm. Engage yourself in bouts of reading at home. You are the wrestler and the POST-UTME is your opponent. You can only become a champion if you learn to read more. While reading, assure yourself that you have won the battle and you will come out victorious.

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3. Go for the best and right tutorial.

Sometimes, reading for UI post-UTME as a UI aspirant might not be enough. You will have to rub minds with like-minded individuals. You will also have to attend tutorials.

Some UI Staylites organize great tutorials in Ibadan. These tutorials have helped prospective students ace their POST-UTME. You can enquire about these tutorials and go for the tutorial.

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4. Engage in brainstorming sessions online with other UI prospective students.

While I was an aspirant, I was opportune to meet people of like minds online. Then, brainstorming sessions for the POST-UTME were conducted online for UI aspirants. You can search online and engage in these online sessions. Also, you can do physical brainstorming sessions with some of your mates who are also UI aspirants. Be humble and prepare yourself to learn.

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5. Change institution or prepare to change course.

This might seem to you, a pessimistic statement but it is not. As a UI aspirant, if you realize your jamb score is too low for the course you put in for, don’t wait for a miracle. You cannot have 220 in UTME and expect 90 in UTME after putting in for medicine and surgery. You need to accept that you have a slim chance or no chance at all in a situation like this. If you will not be able to cope with the course UI will give you during admission, change your institution. However, you can also prepare to change your course if you want to be a Uite. This is to avoid stories that touch. Taking this step will save you tears and heartbreaks. UI can give you Forestry if you put in for medicine and surgery and you have a low UTME and POST-UTME score. So, the right step to take is to change your institution or course before UI serves you breakfast. However, always work hard and aim high.

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UI is not for those who are less determined and who cannot work and read hard enough. The lecturers call their students ‘champions’ because they know how tough the UI admission process is.

As a UI aspirant, strive hard to ace your POST-UTME and take the right steps. Don’t expect a miracle when it’s quite evident that you will not be admitted for a course. Do not also settle for a course you will not be happy with. Make your decisions early so you will be both happy and peaceful in the end.

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