5 Reasons to Make Your UI Studentship a Side Hustle

Who is still keeping up with how many days this strike has lasted? Well, I’m not. I’m just counting it by the months now, but if counting it by the days is what gets you riled up enough, then please do just that. I need you angry! Are you pissed already? Good.
Now ask yourself, am I going to sit around and wait for these people to decide while they waste my time? Yeah, I’ll get my PVC and vote, but what about now?
Greatest Uites! E neva tire una? Here are 5 reasons to make your UI studentship a side hustle.

1. You’re of a marriageable age

Imagine saying you’ll propose to her on sign-out day. Is that playing? Is ASUU a joke to you? Merely the fact that you’re in UI, I’m sure you’re at least 2 years older than those who are in the same level as you are and are in private universities. I mean, it’s UI na.
So, just turn this school thing into a side hustle. Get down on one knee and put a ring on her finger. Invite us to eat party rice and we’ll turn up bearing prayers and well wishes for the union.

2. UI calendar is too long

Omooo. There’s ASUU o, and then there’s UI’s school calendar. Omo ×100000000.
God na help you, your course is 5 years and above. Leemao. You’ll be looking for one poly student you can swap with. Guy, just carry your hustle go front. When ASUU makes up their mind, they’ll be begging you to come back to finish the degree sef.

3. You can get certificates elsewhere

I mean, it’s noble that you want to bag a degree in the (oh my God!) most prestigious university in Nigeria, and you probably want a first-class degree while you’re at it too. But if it’s about certificates, there are a bunch of online courses you could take and get a lot of those so… We kind of need another reason to not entirely ditch this school thing.

4. It’s not paying any bills

I’ll say that again: it’s not paying any bills now. Why not go out and find your daily 2k, we’ll be dealing with this school-ish later. But if daily 2k remains consistent and even grows over time, nobody can blame you if you somehow manage to forget that you’re a student of Economics at the University of Ibadan.

5. School na scam

It’s crazy that the very thing that is supposed to give you leverage is what this country has managed to make difficult to get for students. I can just imagine the frustration of many Nigerian students, particularly finalists. But don’t limit yourself. Be open to other options. Your degree from UI is just one door leading to your greatness. And no, this is not your license to dabble in unlawful and unethical practices.

My fellow Uites, use this one hold body. I know some of you are making mad money at home and they’ll probably have to chase you back to school when ASUU finally calls off this strike. But even if you aren’t, try not to let this whole thing get to you too much. I’m sure you’ve heard this at least a dozen times already, but I’ll say it again anyway. Make sure you’re making the most of the time. ASUU strike or not, you’re not getting this time back. While we wish our government would treat us better, they aren’t doing that. And we must not let them do us anyhow. So stay jiggy, ladies and gents.