Trybe H2H: Timini Egbuson Vs Richard Mofe Damijo (Who Is More Handsome, The Better Actor, and The Real Heartbreaker?)

In this article, we put two prominent Nollywood actors side by side to judge who is better in some interesting categories.

Timini Egbuson Vs Richard Mofe Damijo

Timini Egbuson is a 35-year-old actor from Bayelsa state while Richard Mofe Damijo, popular as RMD, is a 61-year-old actor from Delta state. The veteran actor is twice his opponent’s age, but he is very active in the chosen categories. They both have millions of social media followers and are adored by their fans.

Who is More Handsome?

Mofe Damijo is a handsome man who keeps getting better with age. Despite being a father and grandfather, we can’t get enough of his hot looks, which is why he’s known as Nigeria’s hottest grandfather. He has beautiful children who inherited their father’s good looks. Timini, on the other hand, is young and not only sexy but also fashionable. His mesmerizing smile, which reveals his perfect dentition and brightens up the room he is in, is one of his most distinguishing features. We could say that beauty runs in his family because his sister, Dakore, is just as attractive as he is.

We’ll go with Timini in this round. He’s a gorgeous “young” man, which gives him an advantage over Mofe, who is twice his age.

Who Is A Better Actor?

Timini is a talented actor who has featured in hit movies like “Shuga” “Skinny Girl in Transit”, and “Breaded Life“. He has been nominated for several awards, some of which he has won. He won Best Actor in a Drama at the 2020 AMVCAs for his role in “Elevator Baby.” Mofe Damijo is a Nollywood icon who has received numerous accolades for his performance at the 2005 AMVCAs. Mofe Damijo received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2016, in addition to other awards and nominations.

Both are excellent actors, but Mofe Damijo takes the lead with his extensive experience and wins this round.

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Who Is The Real Heartbreaker?

Mofe Damijo was Nollywood’s ideal bad boy in the 1990s. When he married his late wife, May, who was much older than him, he surprised everyone. Following her death, he married Jumobi, his current wife. Mofe was accused of cheating on his wife with a Lagos side chick in 2021, but he denied all allegations.

Timini Egbuson is known as a playboy, not only for his Casanova roles in films, but also for rumors of affairs with top actresses such as Nancy Isime, Sharon Ooja, and Efe Irele. He was also called out by his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Agahan, who accused him of cheating. She referred to him as a pervert and a predator for dating young girls like her. He responded by saying that he had dated many women, but they were all older than the legal consenting age.

Timini is a single young man, unlike Mofe, who is happily married with children. He (Timini) is the real heartbreaker, and he is the very definition of the Yoruba demons Nigerian ladies are wary of.

Who Dresses Better?

Mofe Damijo is the only person I know in Nigeria who can pass himself off as a fashion god. He has a versatile dressing style that never fails to impress. Mofe has worn a variety of outfits for various occasions, but his kaftan styles stand out the most. From his beads to his shoes, he carries everything he wears with charisma and poise.

Timini dresses like a gentleman. His clothing choices reflect his sense of style. Even though he is known for his casual looks, he still exudes swag in those looks, which sometimes represent Gen Z’s fashion sense. One example was when he wore a bucket hat, which was popular among young people at the time.

Timini’s fashion sense is bold but it doesn’t come close to Mofe Damijo’s unique taste in fashion. For this round, Mofe wins.

Who Is More Desired By Women?

Timini’s good looks are adored by many young ladies in Nigeria and abroad. This is evident in the way women flock to him on his social media pages. He is undeniably a sight for sore eyes, making him quite the ladies’ man.

Most women, however, desire security. They don’t want to be at the mercy of a playboy who has the ability to break their hearts in the blink of an eye. They would rather go with men like Mofe Damijo, who they believe can take good care of them. Mofe gives off sugar daddy vibes. What do we know about sugar daddies? We associate them with “less stress, more money.” The Veteran actor wins again.

The two personalities we just compared are both excellent at what they do, and I’m sure you were torn between who to pick for the various rounds we had. What celebrity do you think we should do next?