Dear Kings, Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have More Than One Girlfriend

Men are polygamous by nature

The quote above is popularly debated by people. Some argue that it is an excuse for men to have multiple partners. Some attribute this to men having a higher s£x drive than women. What do you think?

Our forefathers practiced polygamy, which we gradually abandoned as the modern era progressed. Some religions still practice it, but monogamy has largely replaced it. Nowadays, you either stick with one partner for life or you do that while also having a secret relationship. Anyway, you deserve the best and should never have to worry about being lonely in your life.

Dear Kings. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t have just 1 girlfriend.

In this case, you might as well eat your cake and have it.

1. You Have A Backup Plan

Your relationship with your girlfriend may not work out as planned. She may decide to end her relationship with you one day. However, if you have more than one girlfriend, you move on to the next person(s) in your life. With a backup plan, you can be less concerned about who leaves and who stays. It teaches you to be more accepting of rejection.

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2. More Support For You

Whether you’re struggling with something or doing well, you’ll have more than one girlfriend cheering you on. It’s nice to have one person show up for you, but having more people turn up is even better. Where one girlfriend underperforms, the other steps in to fill the void. You get to experience more affection, more gifts, and even multiple meals. What more could you ask for?

3. Less Stress For All Parties.

When you have more than one girlfriend, you can divide your work equally among them. You’re not expecting one girlfriend to do everything for you. Because all of the work is not concentrated in one place, it will be easier for you to do things and get what you want from each of them. One can cook for you while the other does your laundry, and you can get your work done gradually. Problem-solving requires collaborative efforts.

4. Increases Self-Esteem

When you have people in your life who admire and value you, it boosts your self-esteem. Having more than one girlfriend boosts your self-esteem because you now have two or more different women demonstrating their love, care, and desire for you.

5. More Fun

Being in a single relationship can be tedious. When it’s new, it’s mostly exciting, but after a while, the excitement wears off and you start to feel like you’re stuck with the same version of your partner. It becomes more interesting when another woman enters your life. You can explore new things and have more fun.

6. You Improve Your Communication Skills.

It is essential to communicate with your partner in any relationship. When you have multiple girlfriends, effective communication is essential for things to work. This sharpens your communication skills, which can be useful in the real world. Women are difficult to deal with, and a man who can successfully deal with a variety of women is a king. it all begins and ends with communication.

7. You Become More Organized.

Dating two or more girlfriends keeps you organized because you are constantly reminded to make time for each of them. You begin to organize your time and prioritize important tasks. It improves your ability to think quickly and work under pressure.

8. To Ensure Compatibility

With more than one girlfriend, you can try out different women and see which one you prefer. You cannot have the same experience with women from different tribes, religions, or castes. You’ll be able to choose who you want to settle down with among your girlfriends once you’ve assessed your needs. You won’t know if woman B can offer you better things if you only date woman A. This is why you should not have just one girlfriend.

9. You Are Spreading Happiness.

There are many single women who simply want to be in the company of a man. Now consider the numerous women who want to be with you. Also, you probably want to be with women other than your girlfriend. Take that leap. You won’t be making just one woman happy, but several other women as well as yourself.

10. Don’t Settle For Less

This is the most basic reason on the list. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to be with more than one person? There are numerous opportunities to meet new people.

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You have the capacity to give more love than you can imagine. Don’t let anyone stifle it. Life is too short to not try out new things. You only have one life to live, enjoy it. If enjoying your life requires you to be with more than 1 girlfriend, live it to the fullest.