Top 5 Most Popular Sport Betting Platforms in Nigeria

Nigerians love sports and money, combine those two, and you will make a typical Nigerian happy and have him grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Sports betting has provided an avenue for making money by making predictions and taking risks whilst enjoying the game you love. Recently, the venture has become a favourite thing in Nigeria amongst men, women, young adults and even teens. Sports betting has gained a high level of popularity in the nation, which is inevitable because who would not love a chance to win some mula whilst enjoying a favourite sport?

As a profitable tactic, sport betting platforms are leveraging this increasing popularity and introducing juicy benefits and incentives that are targeted at attracting and incorporating even more betting traffic on their apps and sites. With the increased popularity and the juicy benefits of sports betting, Nigerians have access to many betting platforms to use and accumulate wins.

In this copy, we have ranked the Top 5 most popular sports betting platforms, identifying their qualities, goodies and stuff, and why they are the best options for you.

Top 5 Most Popular Sport Betting Platforms

1. Sporty Bet


“Sporty Bet is a localised sports betting platform”, this is a statement made by the Sporty Bet team in Nigeria during an interview with Wazobia FM. Sporty Bet is a betting platform that is out to maximally satisfy its users, in this case, Nigerians, based on user preference and market demands, and this is why Sporty Bet is loved.

Some features highlighted by the team in this interview are: Sporty winnings boost, Sporty Bet referral programs and fast cashout options. These features, among many others, are the juicy reasons why Sporty Bet has ranked among the top 5.

Goodies in-store for you at Sporty Bet:

  • Fast payout
  • 100% welcome bonus on first deposit upon registration.
  • Effective customer service.
  • Functional mobile app optimised for the best user experience irrespective of device.
  • Amazing and competitive odds on Champions League and English Premier League
  • Super Bonus option. A user can get up to 135% of your bet.

2. BetKing

Finally, on our most popular list today is BetKing. A renowned online bookmaker company and Naija’s favourite in terms of top-notch betting features, odds and experience.

BetKing accounts for 350 employees globally recruited and has a customer base of 9 million. The brand was founded in 2018 and has since gained ground and garnered the love of Nigerians.

The platform has raked in numerous awards based on its service and brand quality. In 2018, the platform bagged “Global Best Quality Sports Betting Company of the Year” at the Global Quality Excellence Awards. In 2019, they raked in three awards, one of which was “The Wealth Creation Bet Brand Company of the Year” at the Trek Africa Awards. These awards and more validates the uniqueness of BetKing and authenticate its position among the Top 5 most popular betting platforms in Nigeria.

3. Bet9ja

First is Bet9ja, which is the most popular betting platform in Nigeria. Bet9ja has an arsenal full of gaming opportunities and avenues for betting on diverse sports, virtual games inclusive. Do you enjoy taking risks? Bet9ja is the way, my brother!

This platform is duly registered under KC Gaming Networks Limited, and the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) licensed their website. Their motto, “Reward for Passion”, clearly indicates that with as much energy you invest into your betting endeavours, you get rewarded accordingly. Maintaining this streak has taken them to the very top.

Goodies in-store for you at Bet9ja:

  • Transactions with the speed of light. They are renowned for their fast method of withdrawals, and payments, raking in your wins and rewarding you pronto.
  • Top-notch customer services. They value you as a customer, and you don’t need to go the extra mile to lay out a complaint or request help. They have a system to promptly respond to matters of your trust and safety with them.
  • User-friendly interface. The website is clear in detail, operational and functional.
  • Juicy Welcome bonus. Get this… You get a welcome package as you register and make your first investment. How cool is that?


4. Betway

Betway is an online gambling company with its headquarters in London, England. Betway was founded in 2006 and has an arsenal full of betting products for your benefit. Products such as online casinos, online poker and sportsbook.

Here’s a fun fact, in 2015, Betway entered the Guinness World Records for paying the largest ever jackpot winnings to a user. As long as you earn it, be sure you’ll get your every payment down to the last time with Betway. This platform operates with top-tier tech that guarantees user safety and is user-friendly.

Goodies in-store for you at Betway:

  • Excellent user-friendly service.
  • Variety in sportsbook. Are you interested in more than one sport? Betway has got you covered with a variety of betting options.
  • 50% welcome bonus. Create an account, make your first deposit and get 50% of your deposit back as a bonus whilst your deposit remains intact; isn’t that juicy?
  • Smartphone-friendly tools. Security is ensured irrespective of the make of your phone.

5. 22bet


22bet is the latest betting platform loved in Nigeria for its amazing sportsbook, with an arsenal of more than 50 sports to bet and win from; you gotta love it. A review from ‘’ says that “The 22Bet sportsbook is one of the biggest available sportsbooks in Nigeria“.

22Bet, asides from its great sportsbook, also have amazing betting options for its users. This platform has odds that are so competitive that they rank among the best in the Nigerian market.

Their betting features are top-notch features like live betting and cash out, giving their users optimum experience.

Goodies in-store for you at 22Bet:

  • They have the widest and most-extensive betting market. You have varieties to choose from.
  • Reliable, functional and competent customer service
  • User-friendly payment options made available.
  • In-play betting. One of the site’s biggest features spans a wide selection of sports, and it is a stand-alone feature as well.

Goodies in-store for you:

  • 10k+ betting opportunities that cover popular sports.
  • They have the highest betting competitive odds in Nigeria.
  • Highly responsive customer supports.
  • Juicy bonuses.

So there you have it, an array of the Top 5 most popular and credible betting platforms in Nigeria. Pick your poison!

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