MTN Rolls Out Independence Awoof For Users

If you made your first call today, it wasn’t on you. It was on the data-sucking popular telecommunication, MTN.

As some Nigerians get in the mood for Independence Day celebrations, some for Peter Obi’s rally, then out of nowhere came the bonanza we weren’t expecting.

MTN has offered its users a free call time of 6 minutes 20 seconds and 62 National SMS just for the celebration of the October 1st brouhaha — it could have been data, but oh well.

Moments like this remind me of the days MTN used to give free night calls for lovers and night walkers to communicate – why else could they have picked the nighttime?

MTN users should marinate in the mini awoof the 62nd celebration of the country’s escape from Britain has brought upon them.

Did you know we could have earned this independence in 1956? Here’s a lot about everything you didn’t know about how we managed to stand as one today: Was Nigeria Still Ready For 1960 Independence? Everything You Need To Know About The Chaotic 1956 Self Rule Motion