5 Reasons Phyna Won Big Brother Naija Season 7 Show

The Level Up housemates brought the spice, the groove, and everything we needed to see to compare their season to the previous one. Big Brother tried his hardest to put on a show that was unlike any other. He wasn’t the only one who used different strategies; the housemates did as well, and we watched them compete for the show’s largest cash prize ever – N100m.

Ifeoma Josephine Otabor, also known as Phyna, has been crowned the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates. Many people were not surprised by Phyna’s victory because we had seen the goddess grace our televisions with the will and ability to win. However, it took a few by surprise because they didn’t expect it.

Here are five reasons why Phyna emerged as the winner of the just concluded BBN Show.

1) Largest Fan Base

The number of fans who support you goes a long way toward ensuring that you win the show. Without a doubt, Phyna has amassed a large fan base known as “Phynation“, who have shown their support for her in many ways. Their support was evident in the poll, with Phyna receiving 40.74% of the vote. Phynation truly demonstrated their might and grandeur.

2) Lots Of Drama

What is life if there isn’t enough drama? Phyna has a habit of giving viewers one drama after another, and this is what keeps the show interesting, as she always appears blunt and never tries to sugarcoat things. This made many viewers want to see her stay till the finals, and she did!

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3) Background

Phyna was not born with a silver spoon; she has always had to work to feed and clothe herself. She is a content creator, brand ambassador, and hype woman. To put it another way, Phyna has been through life and survived. As a result, she was viewed as someone who represented “the street” in the BBN house. For this, the street came out in force to cast their votes for her. We rise by lifting others, and we want Phyna to experience a better life.

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4) Her Strategy

Phyna’s strategy was not overly complicated because she has always been true to herself and those around her. She also made certain that her “real” character kept viewers entertained; she never pretended to be someone she was not. Her strategy of keeping it simple and real saw her through to the end.

5) Her love life

Love is a beautiful thing, and Phyna found love with Groovy, not only finding love, but also beating Amaka and other ladies to win Groovy’s heart. This was sure to leave viewers wanting to see more of Phyna’s love life, which they will no doubt see after the show now that it has come to an end!

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We can only be happy for Phyna and see that she truly deserves to walk away with the prize of 100M, the highest amount to be won in the BBN Show. Who was your winner? Please let us know in the comments section below.