Everything You Need To Know About BBN Level Up Winner,  Phyna

BBN Level Up Winner, Ijeoma Josephine Otabor, Phyna the hype priestess of Nigeria, has won the LEVEL UP SEASON 7 BIG BROTHER NAIJA and is taking home a N100 million cash prize as well as other prizes. Prior to being crowned winner, she listed all of the previous BBN winners from the previous six seasons and declared herself the seventh winner. Make a statement about manifesting self-affirmations. Yass! Go, girl! Phyna, go!!!



Phyna, the second female in the history of the reality show to win Big Brother Naija following Mercy Eke who won three years earlier. During her three-month stay in the house, she also won the title of Head of House. I should apply for Season 8 already; it appears the dice will roll in my favor.


Phyna entered BBN house on July 23rd with 0 Twitter followers and has since gained over 100,000 followers. Nigeria’s hype priestess is verified on Instagram and has over 619k followers.

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Her “Phynation” fan base has been extremely supportive. They have loved her since the beginning, and she gained more support as she made the most of her time in Big Brother’s house.


Jovial, fiery, strict, and loving. I’m not sure how one person can have all of these personality traits, but Madam Phyna has already told us that she may appear strict at times, but she’s very loving and cheerful. if you are too loving for Nigerians, they may just wash and disrespect you, so small madness, fancifully called strictness is very important at times.


Phyna said, and I quote, “she will not love in Big Brother house because the title of her love life is “never to go back“, “single to stupor,” yet she was giving us love triangles and polygons back to back. Spending all that money on a single life will be too boring for her; she needs loving people in her life to go on dates with and so on. Interested applicants may apply, but I cannot guarantee that you will be chosen. You may, however, hire one of Trybe’s writers to create a perfect CV for your application. Good luck!

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She was giving us alpha female vibes in the house, so here’s some unsolicited advice for you. Now that Phyna’s career is set, you should apply as soon as you can let your patriarchy go. Only submissive and matriarchal vibes are welcome here. You get a strong woman in return.


Phyna’s childhood dream was to become a scientist, but Nigeria showed its true nature, making that dream impossible. Anyway, Walt Disney came into her life, and she lived happily ever after, albeit without a man and blond-haired children, but she made a hundred million Naira out of it. That should amount to a lot, especially when the endorsements start pouring in. Indeed, it’s a fairytale.

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We really hope Season 7 winner, Phyna, does not follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, Laycon and Whitemoney, who disappeared into the shadows after winning their respective coveted gifts. Phynations want to know how you’ll spend that money, girl, definitely not on men or Valentine’s Day gifts. Most likely, a new business and wardrobe. Yes, splash on some wigs as well.