7 Ways To Make A UNIILORIN Girl Date You.

University of Ilorin girls are classy, and of course, beautiful amongst other positive adjectives. It is not easy to be a beautiful girl schooling at the better by far university. This makes Unilorin girls’ eye candies for both students and non-students; even more, you too because you’re reading this article.

Contrary to popular belief, University of Ilorin girls don’t often play too hard to get. It is just that you are not doing the right thing to get them.

Are you a Unilorin guy hoping to get a Unilorin girl to date you? This is for you. Don’t worry if you are not a university student because you’ll find a way to go about it in this article. I got you covered as always.

1. Don’t Flirt, Buy Item7.

Item7 dishes are the most delicious delicacy to Unilorin students. If you have a crush in your department, you don’t need to stoop to flirting with her. Just ensure you frequently order Item7 for lunch and make sure your crush sees you whenever the order gets delivered and when you want to eat it. Let the entire department know that you are an item7 fan. This is because of the 88 percent of Unilorin girls that love Item7, only a few can afford to order it whenever they are hungry. If your crush knows you order item7, that is reason enough for her to give her whole self to you.

When you’re ready to shoot your shot at her, you should attend a night class you know she’ll be attending. Sit very close to her when eating your item7. Don’t be selfish; offer her some. If she declines, tell her you will order hers especially, and please no fugazi.

2. Own A Car.

This is for non-students of the University of Ilorin that want to date a girl from the school. Because you’re interested in Unilorin girls, you should visit the school often with your car; you can also borrow one if you don’t have one. Do you know that offering a Unilorin girl, who stays off campus a free ride, would save her from the stress of getting korope and that can make a girl dance to your tune? Even if your crush doesn’t stay off campus, she will have friends who stay off campus. You can offer her friends free rides daily and implore the friends to speak to your crush on your behalf.

You’re the one looking for love, this much isn’t much.

3. Be a Scholar

We all know everyone is a scholar at the University of Ilorin, but a scholar is different from a scholar. Be a scholar that knows and teaches books. Even if you don’t offer free tutorials to anyone, once girls notice that you are a shana that always answers questions in class, they will come to you. You are lucky if your crush is an average student, a perfect weak point to shoot. Even if you don’t know how to tutor, promise to guide her. You can help her with her assignment too, till you get into her.

Book your way into her heart (pun intended) 

4. Be a Korope Controller.

This might sound weird, but it can assist you in getting any girl of your choice as long as the girl stays off-campus. 

The scarcity of korope (Unilorin commercial bus) is one bitter story unilorin students would have to tell. Since Korope controllers are the intermediary between students and the korope drivers, they have the power to fast track or delay getting a bus.

So, my dear gentleman, why not be part of these controllers to get your dream girl? No girl loves to stand in a queue for hours or struggle for a bus when she can date you to get things done easily for her.

5. Be Popular

Have you ever wondered why girls crush on celebrities? It is because of the recognition they have earned. Most Unilorin girls want a guy who will put them in the spotlight. They want a guy whose fame they can use to make other girls jealous.

6. Dress Well, Smell nice and Use glasses

You don’t need to be a Law student before you can have good fashion sense. As a guy, you should always be conscious of how you dress and how you smell.

Even if you are not that handsome, to get a Unilorin girl, you need to be the kind of guy that can steal attention with the way you dress and smell. Let your crush see you from afar and go, “oh, nice shirt, nice smell”.

One last thing, don’t forget, “the way you dress that is the way you will be addressed”.  

7. Be Kind and Caring

When asked why they love their boyfriends, 75% of girls will say, “He is kind and caring.” To get any Unilorin girl of your choice, you need to be kind to her, her friends, and everyone around her. Mind you, being kind and caring is not in words only, you have to be kind in cash too. Be that kind of guy that when your crush complains about financial issues with her friends beside you, interrupts and offers to help her as a gentleman.

So, my lovely brothers, I hope you have found a perfect way to get your desired Unilorin girl from this article. So, what are you waiting for?

You can share your previous failed experiences in the comment section.