ANIKULAPO(2022) : We Reviewed Anikulapo Movie Without Giving You Spoilers

“Anikulapo is the next best Oscar-worthy Nollywood movie, however, we demand more”

If you haven’t watched the “Anikulapo” movie till now, I mean as of this moment you’re reading this, well, peer pressure has got nothing on you.

The Nollywood fantasy is set in a local environment – village style,  just like the “King of Thieves – Agesinkole” movie. Nollywood has been striking and slamming 10 stars movies in our faces and yes, they were worth every bit. Anikulapo tops the list today on Netflix.

Anikulapo movie produced and directed by Nollywood filmmaker and actor, Kunle Afolayan, has surpassed his other movies – Citation, and October 1st.

check out the trailer for Anikulapo

Priceless Cast

Anikulapo had a lot of veteran actors; these veteran actors haven’t been in movies since about a decade ago. They were our very own Nollywood idols, giving us massive ginger in old Nigeria, before the dollar became N735 and nearly made products unaffordable, particularly those from WhatsApp vendors.

We also got our “King of Boys” – Sola Sobowale, the lead actor – Kunle Remi, a lead actress starring as Bimbo Ademoye from Looking/Living with Baami, and veteran actors like Taiwo Hassan – Ogogo, Faithia Balogun, Dele Odule, and Toyin Afolayan in Anikulapo.

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“Anikulapo” was set in two kingdoms – Ojumo and Oyo, so you get to watch in 4K, the lifestyle of kings and chiefs, the queens and the local subjects in the Kingdom.

From the art directing, to graphics to directing the movie, to the movie setting, Anikulapo definitely killed it. If you love Nigeria village scene set with old, thatched roof mud houses, with the cast dressed in the main traditional wear of Yorubaland – aso-ofi”. Now that’s just icing on the cake. The movie was set in one of the major kingdoms of Yorubaland – Ibadan in Oyo.


Saro from Gbogan (Kunle Remi) , weaver of Aso-oke, got himself a nice sugar mummy (Awarun)  willing to spoil the fine young man in return for s£x and partly help in her clay factory. But while Saro enjoys his time with Awarun, he met a plumpier, beautiful young woman – Arolake the King’s youngest queen who was married off at a young age of 15.

While Arolake might have lacked love and care, she had to deal with the envy of the other queens due to her barrenness. She loved Saro fiercely and through Omowunmi (the king’s daughter), the King found out that the apple of his eye had been having s£x (oops! A lot of cheating on his Royal Highness) with a stranger from Gbogan. He ordered the guards to kill Saro.

Saro got a second chance at life when he was resurrected back to life by a mystical bird‘Eye Akala“. But what did he use this second chance for? You will have to see the movie.

Before Arolake is labeled as daughter of Jezebel, it was glaring Saro, “Anikulapo” born Solomon, went overboard on his limits. While teaching him the error of his ways, Arolake should have cut off the machine of the patriarchy, that over functioned due to his uncontrolled sexual urges. Now that would have been a full-blown revenge.

When you think you’ve reached the apex of the movie climax, it takes a swift turn. Are you set with more popcorn to watch this thrilling movie filled with lust, betrayal, erotica, love, pride, loyalty, covetousness and envy. Whew, I could say almost all the personalities you could find in each person walking the earth.

Wondering Why Anikulapo Characters Had Marks on Their Faces?

The marks on everyone’s face especially Saro are regarded as tribal marks. Tribal marks were means of identification for the people of Oyo and that was the sauce back then so even the royals in Anikulapo weren’t left out. Ojumo people didn’t have any tribal marks but if they did, it won’t have been the same as those from Oyo as tribal marks vary from tribe to tribe.

According to the laws of nature, evil doers should be punished, however “Anikulapo” left a lot of holes unfilled. Is the ending supposed to be the ending or should we be expecting a sequel to Anikulapo?

In “Anikulapo” movie, you are the judge, and you get to decide the consequences of each person as you watch their actions and the initiative behind their judgement.

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