The Royals And The Chiefs In The Movie “Anikulapo”; Where Have You Seen Them Before?

If you have seen the buzzing Yoruba movie, you must have noticed that most of the major casts used like Saro, Arolake, Awarun, and King Aderoke of Ojumo including the chiefs are not famously recognized in the Nollywood Yoruba industry. You must be wondering if you have seen them before and you might have concluded that they are new to the acting industry, whereas they have been into acting for a long period.

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Again, unless you have good sight recognition, you would barely recognize some of the casts as most of them have tribal marks and then old age has done numbers on them. This is one of the forms of beauty the director added to the movie.

In this article, we present all the chiefs and royals in “Anikulapo” to you and where you must have seen them before.

1. Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Oba (king)  Aderoke

Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who is a British-Nigerian Actor who was born and spent most of his life in London, also acts in both Nigerian and British movies. He played the character of King Aderoke, a king in the Ojumo kingdom who couldn’t speak in public except through his mouthpiece

Although Hakeem Kae-Kazim is famous in the Nollywood English industry, this was the first we are seeing him in a Yoruba movie as a dumb king. If you are a fan of Nigerian English movies, you must have seen him in movies like Last flight to Abuja (2012), Riding with Sugar (2020), and Black Beauty (2020)and among others.

2. Taiwo Hassan As Alaafin Ademuyiwa

Taiwo Hassan famously known as Oga Ogogo is a popular and award-winning Yoruba actor, who started acting in 1981. He played the role of Alaafin Ademuyiwa of the fictional Oyo in “Anikulapo”. Alaafin Ademuyiwa was the sore lover and husband of Arolake. 

We have seen Taiwo Hassan in many Yoruba movies acting as the king some of which are; Alase(2021), Apada (2009), Ebo ihoho (2020), and many others.

3. Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon As Baba Fakunle

The 75 years old Chief Yemi Elebuibon is a Yoruba poet, playwright, Nigerian linguist, and actor, who have only appeared in a few Yoruba movies. He played the role of Baba Fakunle, a priest in Ojumo in the movie, Anikulapo. Baba Fakunle was the only one who lacked confidence in Saro’s mysterious power and suspected that something is fishy about it.

Apart from Anikulapo, we met Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon in OleKu (1999).

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4. Kareem Adepoju As Ojumo Chief


Kareem Adepoju, who is a popular Yoruba actor, writer, and movie producer came to the spotlight in 1993. He appeared as one of Ojumo’s chiefs in Anikulapo, who had so much confidence in Saro’s mysterious power. 

We have seen Kareem Adepoju in many Yoruba Movies acting as one of the chiefs, some of which are; Arugba (2009), Oba Biolorun (2021), Forever mine (2009), King of thieves(2022), and many others.  

5. Bimbo Ademoye As Olori (king) Arolake


This was the first time we met Bimpe Ademoye, a Nollywood English movie star in a Yoruba movie. She appeared as Olori Arolake, who get married to Alaafin Ademuyiwa when she was 15 years as 15, and in the end, she eloped with Saro.

Bimpe Ademoye is an award-winning Nigerian English movie actress and we have seen her appear in many movies like; Sugar rush (2019), Looking for Babami (2019), and many more.

6. Adeoye Adewale As Chief In Ojumo

Adeoye Adewale, popularly known as Elesho, is an award-winning veteran Nollywood and comedian, who came to the spotlight in 1983. He acted as one of the chiefs in Ojumo in the movie, Anikulapo

Adeoye Adewale isn’t new to the Yoruba movies industry and we have seen him featured In many Yoruba Dramas and comedies, some of which are; Arike Osha (2020), Alaaru (2020), Oga kan (2018), and many more.

7. Moji Afolayan As Olori Wojuola

Moji Afolayan gained a spotlight in Yoruba Movie Industry in 2016 and since then she has been acting in many movies. She appeared as Olori Wojuola, one of Alaafin Ademuyiwa’s Queen in Anikulapo. She was always jealous of Arolake and made it known to her that she (Arolake) is just a thing of pleasure to Alaafin as she gave birth to no Princess or Prince. 

Moji Afolayan also appeared in Imule Meji (2022), Kadarami (2004), Arinjo (2016), and many others.

8. Toyin Afolayan As Chief in Ojumo

Toyin Afolayan popularly addressed as Lola Idije is a well-known Yoruba actress who started acting in 1995. She appeared in Anikulapo as one of the female chiefs in Ojumo.

We have seen Toyin Afolayan in Glimpse (2020), Idunnu mi (2007), Olokirioru(2019), and many more.

9. Samson Eluwole As A Chief in Oyo

Samson Eluwole, well known as Jinadu Ewele is a Yoruba actor, who came into the spotlight with his movie titled Ago Kan oru in 2003. 

Samson Eluwole often acted as a chief in many Yoruba movies and he appeared in Anikulapo as one of the chiefs of Oyo. He acted in Madam Yoyo (2020), Atanpale Otun (2007), and many other Yoruba movies.

10. Adedeji Aderemi As Chief in Oyo

Adedeji Aderemi, well known as Olofa ina or Baba Olofa, is a veteran Yoruba actor. He started in the early 197s and in 1972 he established the Olofa Ina theatre crop. We have seen Adedeji Aderemi in Asoko Peye (2008), Aso Asiri, and many other Yoruba movies. He appeared in Anikulapo as one of the chiefs in Oyo. 

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