How Long Should A Guy Chase A Lady Before Giving Up? 10 Uni Students Shared Their Opinions

Shooting your shots at your desired lady is one of the cool things guys would always do. While ladies are often known for their “playing hard to get” attitude, there has been debate about how long a guy should plead with a lady to dance to his tune before he gives up on such a lady. 

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The chance to debate this topic is open again, and 10 Nigerians shared their opinions and experience about it.

Come with me to hear their opinions, and don’t forget to share yours in the comment section.

FMK, 23 

It is only reasonable to chase someone interested in you. If it is apparent that she doesn’t like you or she is in a serious relationship, there is no point chasing her. If I want a girl, I can chase her for months. If I notice that she likes me in return and maybe something is hindering her from accepting me on time, I can still wait and give her time. 

As for girls, how long he chased you doesn’t determine how genuine his love for you is. Most guys lose interest quickly; they might just still be chasing you to make sure all their efforts are not wasted. It is not very hard to know who truly loves you; if a man truly loves you, it reflects in his actions, not just words.

 So, you don’t have to make someone wait unnecessarily for months when you know his intention already. It is not how far but how well.


I can’t give a stipulated time, but before proceeding to the dating stage, we must have been friends. I am not talking about friends with benefits but actual friends to know more about his real intention and behavior

Dayz II, 24

Are guys meant to suffer for everything? 

If I like you, you need to like me back. As a guy, I would approach you first. I can only chase a girl for two weeks; after that, I might lose genuine interest. 

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I know guys that applied pressure for months to fuck a lady and bounce. A guy chasing you for too long might lose interest in the long run and be in it to salvage the time by having carnal knowledge of the girl. Yes, both of them would enjoy it, but only the guy knew what it was.

Panni, 22 

About two years ago, I had a crush on a girl for more than a year, but I didn’t tell until after a while. I don’t tell her as a way of wooing her, and I just wanted her to know. 

The most recent was a girl I met, and I chased for 6 to 7 months before I stopped when I realized she was not going to accept me. I cannot pursue be a girl again, unless she gives me the green light. Or if I see uncertainty in her decision. The highest is a month or two. 

Fola, 23

I chased a girl for like seven months back then; she said she wasn’t ready then”. The thing about ladies is they know what they want and always calm down in their selection.

I chased another one for three months, and she started showering me back with the energy I gave her.

It all depends on the kind of girl you are chasing.

Lizzy, 22 

A guy should chase a lady until he discovers she is not interested in him.

I’ll use myself as an example. You can be interested in me, and I’ll be doing shakara. It’s not because I’m not interested in you or anything, but I have to be sure I want to be with you. Although, if I keep telling you no, you should get the memo that I’m not interested, and you should back off. Simple.

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Fiyinfoluwa, 22

No time is too long. We’re allowed to do small shakara for like one month and more before we accept; that is, we like the guy.

Opps Praise 23 

I think it depends on the individual. Some guys are eloquent and persistent or perseverant that they can follow a lady for a decade. Some men like me are fragile about that. We lack eloquence and persistence. We easily give up. So it depends on the individual. 

However, in my own belief, the first appearance matters a lot. Another, the type of response a lady gives you also determines the limit on time to spend. You will know when a woman doesn’t like you and when she is just doing shakara. You also know when there is pressure acting on her that is displacing her from accepting you. 

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But in my way, I don’t even know how to repeat it a second time. This is due to naivety and my belief that love is natural and needs no convincing or stress to get it if it is true love. If I keep following you after a first failed attempt, know that I am only coming for the thing beneath her skirt to prove myself as a man.

John 23 

I have never chased a girl before; I try to work with your head, so you start having feelings for me first, and I wouldn’t show mine, and when I ask you out, you’ll be so fast to accept because you’ve been waiting for me too!!

Kelly’ 21

Two hours maximum. Do you want to chop my money and still use me to catch a cruise? No.

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