Have you ever experienced SAPA to the extent that you took Garri for almost a week? Or you even soak Garri and go for lectures so that when you come back, it would have swollen very well? Or do you even keep timetables for upcoming inaugural lectures, induction, burials or naming ceremonies that you neither know the parents nor Baby? Omooooo if you have experienced all these or more, or you haven’t, here’s a guide or solution to help you and SAPA to be Arch Enemies Because Being a FUOYE student can be challenging, frustrating, and tiring. Especially when you’re dealing with financial struggles. The cost of tuition, accommodation, textbooks, Hand-outs, Data and other expenses can quickly add up, leaving many students struggling to make ends meet. However, with a little creativity and some practical tips, you can learn to survive the SAPA period and make the most of your university experience. In this article, I’ll share with you some of the top ways to survive a financially difficult period Known as SAPA as a FUOYE student in Nigeria.


1. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle:

To survive SAPA as a FUOYE student, you need to learn how to live with less. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle by cutting back on unnecessary expenses such as eating out, buying expensive clothes, or taking extravagant trips. Instead, focus on the essentials, such as food, shelter, and transportation. Like a popular song artist said, “No go dey do pass yourself”. You get?


2. Take advantage of student discounts:

Many businesses offer discounts to students, so be sure to take advantage of them. You can save money on everything from groceries to entertainment by showing your student ID card. No dull yourself!


3. Consider part-time work:

If you have spare time, consider taking on a part-time job to earn extra cash. Look for jobs on campus or in your local community that fit your schedule. There are different jobs around FUOYE, although their pay might not be much, “but at all, at all Na him bad pass”. Ensure to get a job that you can learn about and at the same time earn. There are online jobs to do nowadays, and you can make research online about remote jobs or freelancing, we are In a digital world now, and no one will ask for your certificates, it’s your skills that matter. “Everything Na HQ”


4. Use public transportation: –

Transportation costs can quickly add up, so consider using public transportation instead of driving or taking a taxi. This will help you save money on fuel and maintenance costs. Not that you will get an allowance from home and then the Normal school shuttle or bus will be old looking or not up to your standard again, then you take bikes to and fro. “Cut your Coat according to your size”

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5. Sell unwanted items—

If you have items you no longer need, consider selling them to make some extra cash. You can sell items such as textbooks, clothes, and electronics on online marketplaces like Jiji, Jumia, or OLX, or even to your friends, it’s not about having unnecessary items, have the important ones and do away with the less important or not relevant items, you will thank me later.



Being a broke FUOYE student in Nigeria is tough, but with the above tips and suggestions, you can learn to survive and thrive. By embracing a minimalist lifestyle, taking advantage of student discounts, considering part-time work, using public transportation, and selling unwanted items, you can make the most of your university experience without breaking the bank. Remember, the key is to be resourceful, stay positive, and keep pushing forward. With a little determination and some financial savvy, you can survive any financial difficulties that come your way as a FUOYE student.