Top 10 places to make out in FUOYE

The Federal University, Oye – Ekiti is a new generation university that has risen to the ranks of being one of the most sought-after universities by many students and investors in Nigeria. It has become part of the top choices for anyone looking for admission to a Federal university in Nigeria, as Fuoye has been able to match to it’s other great counterparts. Despite all this, Fuoye is a university that is fun – filled, so also “shege-filled”. But regardless, it is wholesome to be in. Fuoye, as a school is fast developing with new structures and buildings which makes it easy for anyone to find a place to make out and have fun. Here are 10 places that you can easily and discreetly make out in, either with your crush, partner or anyone you like.

1) Water park

The newly constructed water park at phase two, is a sight tk to behold. With the beautiful foundation that springs out water 24/7 and cute little sheds with chairs to sit. It is a nice and perfect scenery to make out in. You would be enjoying the view of the blue skies as well as the cool air with the fountain bringing out water.

2) Basketball ball court.

The university’s basketball court at phase 1 is another discreet place to make out on school premises. Located opposite the main auditorium, this place is really cool to make out in. It is also a popular picture taking spot for many students. You can spend time with your crush it whoever you want to make out with in this place.

3) TMA theater.

The department of theatre and media arts theater is one of the best places in the faculty of arts. It is first building you see upon getting to phase 2, with it’s dark and cozy aesthetic coupled with it’s cozy yet wide space. This is a fun space to make out in and trust me, it’s going to be memorable. You’ll have a lot of fun in here making out and also get to spend time with each other while enjoying each other’s company.

4) Management sciences shortcut road to phase 1.

The newly tarred road near the faculty of management sciences is a shortcut leading to phase 1 without having to take the longer road. This shortcut is the new Love lane for many couples, as you would see many of them taking a stroll on the road during school hours but especially at evening time. It is a good place to make out and stroll to clear your head or chill for a while.

5) X-ray side

The x-ray clinic near faculty of law is where many newly admitted students go to get their x-ray done during their medicals. This building is a good place to make out, as it is usually empty most of the time, unless there are doctors and students doing their x-ray. But if you’re in urgent need of a place to make out, around phase 1. Then the x-ray clinic is a good area.

6) Your hostel

A more easy and discreet place to make out is in the comfort of your room or hostel. 95% students in Fuoye, stay off – campus due to the fact that the school has only one hostel each for boys and girls and it can only accommodate 500 students. So a large population of students live in hostels around oye – ekiti. It’s easy for you to comfortably make out in the comfort of your room or hostel without any form of interference.

7) Phase 3 road to Boy’s hostel.

Another good and chill place to make out with someone is the phase 3 road that leads to boy’s hostel. The road area is very discreet as many students don’t really use that road expect for school hostel students. You can stroll with someone to chat and make out whilst enjoying the serenity of the road area.

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8) Faculty of Arts makeshift lecture hall

The set of lecture rooms in the building behind the old media enter is another area where you can make out in fuoye. Also, located at phase 1, this set of makeshift lecture halls is mainly used by faculty of arts. You can choose to make out with someone in this building and it has a good view of palm trees with chirping birds to add to the beauty of the scenery, especially if you decide to make out upstairs.


9) College of Medicine building

The newly constructed building for college of medicine is one of the best places to make out, if you and your partner are spontaneous and daring. You can choose to make out in the college of medicine building, as it has many corners and open mini libraries that are hidden. It is easy for one make out here without being caught or interrupted.

10) Education/Gst Side.

The education area outside school where the GST office is, has 3 lecture rooms that are rarely used except on weekends or by students who live around that area and want to read. You can make out here without interruptions. It is quite discreet as the lecture rooms are quite dark, due to them only having one or two windows. So it’s easy to make out here without being seen.

Here are the Top 10 places to make out in the Federal University, Oye – Ekiti. I hope you find these locations satisfactory and chill enough to have fun with the person you want to make out with. In making out, be careful not get caught so that you won’t end on smilegist or osource blogs or other Whatsapp TV’s, where una matter go cast o. I don talk my own o.