3 Signs You Need To Dump His Rich Ass 

Are the red signs getting too much? Do you get frustrated at every one of his inactions and actions?

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We are here to help you overcome this challenge. Together, we will dump his ass. Emotional massage is available in bulk in this faculty. Trust us. 

We’ve gone far and wide and we have collated 3 generic problems that rich guys cause for their babes. The babes don’t mention it, but they are tired. And we are here to fight their battles. 

Here’s ONE 


It is a different thing when your Bf has money, and it is a totally different thing if he is a chef. Allow us to explain. If breakfast in bed, Luncheon at the beach, Amala and Gbegiri for post-lunch, cake, fruits and milk for dinner is the way your bf treats you, you should know he has another agenda. Your figure 8 is beginning to droop and you care less about that. Simply because you are eating the life of your head. All that Ogunfe is already entering your Medulla Oblongata and it’s blocking your sense of reasoning. Ha Ha! You have a rich boo boo and you’re eating everything he gives you. You’re waking up to squeeze Pringles into your mouth at 2 am, the roasted chicken in the oven is on your mind by 4 am. Our dear sister, Sope Otilor! You are gone. We give you two months. If you don’t carry your ass to the gym and begin to sweat out all that fat, a sleek flat tummy small waist bororo hoe will snatch him and trust us, he will allow himself to be snatched. So, before things get out of hand — except you want to slump in the gym and still chop breakfast on top — dump his RICH ass! Be the smarter one. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. 

Here’s TWO 


He he he! So because he is tall, dark and handsome you wan die for relationship?! Mehnn! See as we dey look you. Na fine face you wan chop?! See ehn, we’ll tell you the truth. A stingy bf is a bad and terrible husband material. So if he’s ringing it in your ears that he likes how you are understanding and allow him to be himself hence he sees himself getting down on one knee, our dear sister, look him in those eyes and tell him slowly with love and care on your face that he shall be blinded. The eyes he’s using to see that nonsense will go blind. Insha allah. Some boys just want to knack your fine ass and not pay, especially these so-called boyfriends! Please and please, tell him this Punani ain’t free and that the next cool rich generous bobo that enters your DM to snatch and spoil you, you will elope with him. Fvck yeye wedding plans. Na breeze we wan go chop for marriage?! DUMP HIS STINGY ASS TODAY. You are worth all the stars and diamonds in the sky. Know that and know peace. 

Lastly, THREE 


Hey boy, have you ever wondered why your Gf always refers to your manhood as ‘Prick’?? 

Well, we will tell you today. According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Prick means ‘A tiny particle; a small amount of something; Penis’. Allow us to announce to you that the message she’s been passing across is that your manhood is tiny. A literal Prick, it does nothing to her, She no dey cum, She dey fake orgasm. All is for the iPhone 14 you promised to get her next month. She loves you not, Trust us. 

Hey girl, if you are in this condition and you are ‘managing’ him because of his so-called money. LOL. You really think all rich guys have small Prick?? Keep joking. Your mates are busy collecting the best knacks of their lives every night and still getting the ‘Ping Ping’ on their phones. Baby girl, trust us, you are really worth diamonds — hard rock confam Epon. It is the least these men can do for you. You are too young for all these management palava. You sef wise up. Go on a break. Dump him and give yourself space. Breathe and keep going. The right man is always out there. And that’s on period! 

If these opened your beautiful eyes to one or two things, we are sure you’d enjoy our other articles that are written with you in mind. Xoxo. Till you come back to us.