5 Nigerians shared with us how they knew their potential partners weren’t meant for them

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Finding the perfect partner is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences in life. Sometimes, things might seem perfect at first, but as time goes by, we start to notice red flags that indicate the relationship might not work out. In this blog post, we chatted with 5 Nigerians who shared with us the moment they knew their potential partners were not meant for them.

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Frank 23

I invited this girl to a restaurant, she is beautiful, she has a very perfect shape and nice skin. I wanted to explode when she sat on my table. Ten minutes into the date, her phone rang and the first word that came out from her mouth is “Hello bestie” I try as much as possible to put my ear down to know who the caller is and it’s a male. It is a red flag for me”

Helen 25

“I got to know this guy barely a month. He slided into my DM from a mutual group we shared.At first, I was mad at him and you know na, I did a lot of shakara. He is a funny guy and his sense of humour is top notch. We started talking everyday and we agreed to see first before talking about a relationship. He invited me over to his house. Throughout my stay there, I can count how many times his mother called him.
He sounded like a mummy’s boy and I can’t dare cope with that. He was telling his mother everything going on in his life including that I came visiting”

Tolu 28

“I know this lady wasn’t for me when we can’t have a proper communication without cursing me or insulting me. At first, I thought it was a fight or I offended her with my words but she told me she finds it cute when we curse each other or insult each other. She said it shows that she is free with me.
I hate that type of thing because I wasn’t brought up that way. What if she said it in front of my parents?”

Willy 30

“I know this girl isn’t for me when we she told me how she will never spend her money on a man.

We were both having one of our random talks on a phone and she explained how her husband’s money is their money and her own money is her money. I asked her if she can foot the bills if I go broke. Her replies throw me under the trailer oo. She said it’s my responsibility to look for money to foot our bills, that even if she has millions it is her money and can’t do my responsibility for me”


So, yeah, finding the perfect match is like a whole mood, right? These five Nigerians really spilled the tea on how they knew their partners weren’t it. It’s important to be aware of red flags and prioritize our own happiness, even if it means ending things with bae. Remember, it’s okay to be single, glow up, and find the one who really vibes with you. Keep it real citizen.